Only 1 minute… It increases concentration and reduces the risk of early death

Only 1 minute… It increases concentration and reduces the risk of early death

It is possible to make faster decisions, concentrate better and accelerate the blood flow in the brain in just one minute. Here is the formula…

Only 1 minute… It increases concentration and reduces the risk of early death

Working at a desk job, sitting for long periods of time, a sedentary lifestyle… This is a lifestyle that experts completely oppose for the sake of physical and mental health. A new study also suggests a simple exercise for the health problems caused by this lifestyle.

According to research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, taking a minute to do squats provides better blood flow to the brain and increases concentration and decision-making power.

Researchers from Japan, North Carolina and the United Kingdom studied a group of 20 young adults, with an average age of 21, who completed mental tests after sitting for long periods of time. In one experiment, participants sat for three hours uninterrupted before completing tests; In the other, they broke up their sitting time with one-minute sessions of squats combined with calf raises of about 15 repetitions.


Researchers found that participants carried out their tasks better and had faster reaction times when they took an exercise break. The subjects also reported experiencing better concentration and less mental fatigue than when they sat without a break.
Participants repeated the exercise every 20 minutes in the experiment. Although moving every 20 minutes is not appropriate for situations that require sitting for long periods of time, such as meetings, findings show that micro-exercises help stay fit and healthy.


Experts point out that these little “exercise snacks” are important for not only a healthier mind but also a healthier body. Many previous studies have shown that breaking up the day with movement provides major improvements in health, fitness and lifespan.

For example; A study conducted in 2023; found that short activities such as brisk walking, cycling or a dance break can significantly reduce the risk of premature death.

While researchers point out the benefits of these small exercises, they state that it is important to turn them into a habit. “For example, when you get up to get coffee or water or to go to the toilet, you can do a one-minute squat. “Every little step, starting with just 500 steps a day, can contribute towards a longer, healthier life.”

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