Ain. 47 volunteer firefighters make up the first class of 2024

Ain.  47 volunteer firefighters make up the first class of 2024

As is done three or four times a year, the volunteer firefighters (SPV) recently engaged in the departmental corps or in a Slis (local fire and rescue service) of the department, were welcomed, Saturday January 20, in the premises of the Ain fire brigade headquarters, in Bourg-en-Bresse, for half a day of integration.

During the morning, the 47 new SPV (including 18 women) received information on the organization of civil security in France and the Sdis de l’Ain (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service), on the preservation of potential physical and psychological of the firefighter and on the legal framework of the SPV.

Badge award

After a visit to the city of Jean-Pépin firefighters, the SPV gathered in the courtyard of honor to participate in the traditional crest presentation ceremony under the command of Colonel Pierre-Marie Grandcolas, head of the corps. deputy to Sdis 01. “This moment allows these new volunteer firefighters to discover how Sdis works but also to put words behind each of the values ​​of the firefighters, indicated the officer. After putting the badge on their jacket, they can say: that’s it, we’re in the structure! »

This morning of instruction is a module which is part of the initial training of SPVs and must be followed during the first year following recruitment. After some additional training, these SPVs will be operational in their center.

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