you can participate in the workshops

you can participate in the workshops

Perfluorinated chemicals, eternal pollutants or PFAS (perfluorinated pollution). The terms are relatively unknown because they are recent. Democratized by the investigation, around Pierre-Bénite, from the media Vert de Rage on behalf of France 2 and broadcast on May 2, 2022.

Since then, the Lyon Metropolis “launched in March 2023 a monitoring and combat strategy” against this pollution.

The body says it is “determined to implement concrete actions within the framework of its powers to protect the health of residents and the environment. To better understand and fight against this pollution, the Lyon Metropolis is financing several studies, because if many impacts on human health are already recognized (cholesterol, cancers, hypertension, etc.), knowledge must still be deepened, and thus allow strengthening European and national regulations concerning the use of perfluorochemicals and the application of the polluter pays principle.

After in particular the monitoring of discharges in wastewater treatment plants, the analysis of discharges from businesses, the reinforced monitoring of drinking water, the Métropole de Lyon is embarking on a study by commissioning the Ecocitizen Institute of Fos-sur -Mer (with Public Health France) on human bio-impregnation with PFAS.

The first in France. Its objective is to determine the extent of pollution in the Chemistry Valley, to assess the level of impregnation of the inhabitants and to understand how these eternal and toxic pollutants spread in the environment and affect organisms.

This study involves citizens, who are called to participate in workshops on November 7, 8 and 9 in Givors, Pierre-Bénite, Saint-Fons and Solaize. “These workshops will address the problem of PFAS from the angle of proximity to an industrial site or exposure through drinking water,” specifies the communication from the Metropolis.

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