Winter health tips for cancer patients!

Winter health tips for cancer patients!

I wonder if anyone has noticed such a phenomenon? As soon as winter comes, your resistance will become lower and you will be vulnerable to various diseases, especially colds and fevers, and various respiratory diseases will start to come to your door. The reason for this is actually very simple. Everything starts with the characteristics of the human body.

Simply put, the energy to maintain the operation of the human body is limited, and everything you do will have priorities.

When winter is cold, the brain will allocate more energy for heat maintenance, so the energy allocated to the immune system will be reduced, providing opportunities for various viruses and bacteria to take advantage of.

In addition, the climate in winter itself is dry, the air quality is poor, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively obvious, which can easily lead to the weakening of the body’s regulatory ability and the occurrence of diseases.

This is true for ordinary people, but the winter for cancer patients is even more difficult…

In the process of treating tumors, winter is a critical period for patient treatment and recovery.

In the severe cold winter, cancer patients should pay more attention to their daily health care and choose appropriate health regimens based on their bodies. In winter, Yang Qi is hidden and Yin Qi is at its peak, so people’s Yang Qi will change directly with the changes of the seasons.

So what should cancer patients pay attention to during winter health care?

1 Emotional adjustment

Winter is the time when the essence is sealed and should not be disturbed too much. 60% of the disease factors are related to psychology, and emotional regulation is also essential in winter health care. Patients suffering from tumors should not cause abnormal emotions, let alone be moody.

Excessive thinking and stress will directly affect the body’s qi and blood, causing dysfunction of the organs. Therefore, in winter, you should keep your emotions in mind, and be in a peaceful or happy mood. If you have anxiety or depression, you should get rid of it in time to allow yourself to survive the cold weather. In winter, the qi movement is smooth and the righteousness is sufficient.

2 Keep warm and keep out the cold

Winter temperatures are cold, and cancer patients are physically weak. Due to insufficient righteousness, they often suffer from fatigue, pale skin, and coldness, which induces the occurrence of various complications. Therefore, after the beginning of winter, you should pay more attention to daily life and maintenance, adhere to the health care principle of “removing the cold and keeping warm”, add or remove clothing appropriately, go to bed early and get up late, and ensure adequate sleep.

As winter approaches, you can use dry ginger and mugwort leaves to soak your feet in warm water to promote blood circulation.

3 Dietary taboos

The main adjustments to the diet in winter are to moderately increase some hot foods to resist the external cold. At the same time, the intake of raw, cold and sticky foods should be avoided to avoid causing certain damage to the spleen and stomach. Because kidney qi should be in winter, winter is the best season to replenish kidney essence and warm kidney yang.

In winter, eating some mutton, beef and other foods can supplement the kidney-warming and essence-replenishing foods. However, patients with digestive system tumors such as intestinal cancer, gastric cancer, and pancreatic cancer need to pay special attention to their intake to avoid increasing the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Black beans, black rice, black sesame seeds, etc. can also be added in appropriate amounts.

However, while nourishing heat-replenishing foods, they should not be too warm and dry. Appropriately increase the intake of some fluid-replenishing foods, such as water chestnuts, lotus roots, pears, radish, cabbage, etc., which can maintain the balance of yin and yang.

 4 ointments tonic

Supplementing in winter is necessary, but supplementing cannot be blind and some principles should be followed. The ointment recipe pays attention to one person, one ointment per person, and it should not be used for thousands of people. The preparation of ointments for cancer patients requires doctors to prescribe medicines based on personal constitution. Do not just buy finished ointments in the market. If there are dampness evils, damp-heat or blood stasis in the body, which are not suitable symptoms, the more you eat, the worse it may become. For different cancers, there are also different ways of supplementing, and they cannot be generalized. Only in this way can it help recovery and return to normal life as soon as possible.

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