Why it matters. Liberal nurses mobilized to share their “suffering”

Why it matters.  Liberal nurses mobilized to share their “suffering”


No longer be invisible. This Thursday, liberal nurses, gathered in the collective Angry Liberal Nurses, are calling for a demonstration in Paris to demand a revaluation of their activity, and to express the suffering of their profession. Sniil (second union of liberal nurses) joins the mobilization.

“The suffering finds its roots in the post-Covid era. We were very mobilized during the pandemic, we saw people die at home. We were on the front line, without protection. And, after the crisis, the hospital received upgrades from Ségur de la Santé, and we got nothing. We feel a deep injustice,” explains Gaëlle Cannat, co-president of the collective created in January 2023.

“More and more practices are closing”

This movement, formed on the fringes of the unions but which hopes to unite them, has 4,200 members and more than 18,000 subscribers to its Facebook page (out of around 120,000 self-employed nurses in France). For months, the collective has been pushing the demands of local caregivers: better recognition of the profession, and an increase in the price of nursing services.

“Charges are soaring, prices are not keeping up. More and more practices are closing, around 58% of nurses plan to stop their activity within five years, according to a survey carried out among our members. There is urgency, because if our practices close, our patients no longer have anyone ! », alerts Gaëlle Cannat.

Revalue actions

The nurses raised awareness among deputies and senators. But, failing to see their demands advance, “we have the impression of being the great invisibles”, regrets Gaëlle Cannat. The mobilization of farmers at the start of the year created a trigger: “When the farmers came out into the streets, we said we were too! » After a first movement, on March 19, in the regions, the collective is mobilizing this Thursday in Paris, with a meeting at the Ministry of Health.

The National Nursing Federation (FNI), the main union among liberal nurses, is not associated with the movement. On March 19, she chose to play the institutional card. She sent an open letter to Emmanuel Macron to question him on the situation of the profession. With, in support, a Harris Interactive survey, which highlighted the exasperation of a profession on edge. “We are observing a harsh and tense situation, an alarm signal: all the ingredients are there for a mobilization reminiscent of the farmers’ movement. With the same sources of discontent: the feeling that their profession is not recognized at its fair value, a problem of purchasing power and a concern about the ”deferred salary” that is retirement”, pointed out Jean- Daniel Levy, deputy director of Harris interactive. Since then, the anger has not subsided.


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