Why are chronic diseases increasing? – Last minute health news – Sözcü

Why are chronic diseases increasing?  – Last minute health news – Sözcü

Prof. Dr. Erk stated that in addition to genetic predisposition, infections, especially malnutrition, excessive stress, toxins, allergens, smoking and alcohol also play a major role in the increase of many chronic diseases, from diabetes to cancer.

Why are chronic diseases increasing?

Today Pointing out that chronic diseases are increasing rapidly, Internal Medicine Specialist Prof. Dr. Osman Erk said, ”Excessive calorie intake in daily diet is effective in the increase in cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer. A diet based on processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are the biggest enemies of health. Physical exercise and significant changes in eating habits reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases such as diabetes by 60 percent. The biggest sources of calories include foods such as sodas, margarine, white flour, refined sugar and liquid vegetable oils. “These are not real food,” he said and explained the factors that threaten our health as follows.

Internal Medicine Specialist Prof. Dr. Osman Erk

Junk food and added sugar

Fast food; It is a food prepared in a short time and offered for sale to be consumed immediately or packaged. Junk foods; It is a food or drink with high calories and low nutritional content that is consumed immediately without requiring preparation. You can make anything delicious by adding enough sugar. Sugar prevents food from spoiling and improves the texture of the food. World In 2015, the Health Organization declared that foods that are not natural in nature; It recommended that sugar added to foods and beverages should not exceed 5 percent of the total calories required.

Obesity and diabetes epidemic

Obesity is often caused by external factors. Food consumption comes first among external factors. As of 2016, 1.9 million people are overweight and 600 million people are obese. Even animals that drink the same water as us, breathe the same air, and eat processed feed similar to the food we eat are getting fatter. The factor that causes weight gain is that we get more energy from food than we need. Obesity; Although it is affected by many social, economic, psychological and physiological factors, the most basic problem is excessive calorie consumption. The most important reason is consuming foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt, rich in calories and poor in nutrients. Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Gaining 5-7 kilos increases the risk of diabetes by 2 times, and gaining 8-10 kilos increases the risk of diabetes by 3 times. Diabetes is increasing in every gender, race, age and occupation group. The exact diabetic rate in the world and in Turkey is between 16-20 percent, and the prediabetic rate is more than 2-3 times this amount. In the world and in Turkey, there are more people with diabetes than those without.

Calorie bombardment

One fastfood hamburger, 1 large fries, and 1 large soda contains 1360 calories and meets 66 percent of the daily calorie need. It contains 5.5 grams of salt and meets 100 percent of your daily salt needs. Total carbohydrates are 190 grams, which is 63 percent of the daily carbohydrate requirement, total fat is 58 grams, which is 89 percent of the daily fat requirement. Added sugar is 95 grams, well above the daily allowance, and caffeine is 58 grams, 20 percent of the daily allowance. USAIt has been determined that primary and secondary school children consume an additional 527 calories per day by consuming junk food outside of meals.

Every food sends a message to the body and genes

Every food is not just nutrition, but a bundle of information full of messages. Foods not only affect our genes, but also hormones, metabolism, microbiota and our mental state. Dr. A study by Dean Ornish showed that a 3-month diet and lifestyle change affects more than 500 genes that control cancer.

Pay attention to other reasons too!

Infections, stress, toxins, allergens, smoking and alcohol are also important factors that trigger chronic diseases. We should try to protect ourselves from infections and allergens, manage stress, and avoid smoking and alcohol as much as possible.

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