when movements are blocked by inflammation – WWN

when movements are blocked by inflammation – WWN

Of Antonella Sparvoli

The pain is felt especially at night and the shoulder becomes stiff. The dog’s leash traction is also among the predisposing factors. Possible therapies

It all begins with a shoulder pain which is felt especially at night and can last for months. Then the pain decreases but they return functional limitations: the shoulder stiffens and you can no longer comb your hair or put on your shirt. These are the typical symptoms of adhesive capsulitisor frozen shouldera condition that occurs when the joint capsule, the structure that regulates shoulder movement along with tendons and ligaments, it becomes inflamed and r

What is it due to?

«Adhesive capsulitis is a condition that affects up to 5 percent of the populationin majority women after middle age — he pressed Marco Minetto, associate professor in physical and rehabilitation medicine at the University of Turin at the Molinette Hospital —. She is divided into primary and secondary. In the first hypothesis, the cause is not known, but it is known that people suffering from some pathologies are more likely to develop it. This is the case, for example, of those who suffer from diabetes or hypothyroidism or neurological pathologies such as Parkinson and the outcomes of stroke, both conditions that alter mobility. Another predisposing factor could be the spontaneous rupture of a tendon calcification: it is possible that fragments of the calcification end up inside the joint giving rise to an inflammatory process.

Secondary forms generally follow forced immobilizations, as in the case of shoulder trauma, from fractures to tendon injuries: both the trauma and the resulting pain and immobility determine the “freezing” of the joint. But also repeated microtraumasas dog leash tractioncan favor it, as can previous surgeries on the shoulder or breast surgery if it also involves the emptying of the axillary cavity and the removal of the lymph nodes”.

How can it be counteracted?

«The pathology resolves itself alone over a period of one or two years. However, recovery can be accelerated, and the sooner it is recognized and treated, the quicker it is. Only in 20-30% of patients may some pain and partial stiffness persist. The treatment is based on anti-inflammatories, infiltrations and rehabilitation».

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