When is the best time to get vaccinated against the flu?

When is the best time to get vaccinated against the flu?

“We often hear that it is best to wait until the end of November or December before getting vaccinated against the flu because then you would be more protected against the epidemic. When is the best time?”

Dear reader, dear reader,

The vaccination campaign is established precisely in the period in which vaccination makes the most sense. This year the vaccination season opened at the beginning of October and will end on December 31st: this is therefore the most appropriate time to do it.

In this period of time, my advice is to get vaccinated as soon as possible because, judging by the forecasts and the fact that the virus has already been isolated in Italy, this year the epidemic will spread earlier than other years. It is therefore good to get vaccinated as soon as we have the chance to try to do it before the flu epidemic arrives.

Getting vaccinated now allows us to be prepared. In any case, doing so between now and December 31st will allow us to cushion the effect of the epidemic which will most likely be at its peak between the end of the year and the beginning of the new one.

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* Alessandro Rossi, Vaccine Area Manager of the Italian Society of General Medicine (SIMG).

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