What to expect this Tuesday, March 19?

What to expect this Tuesday, March 19?


The inter-union (CFDT-CGT-CFE-CGC, FA, FO, SNESUFSU, UFSU, FSU-Snuipp-Solidaires and Unsa) filed a strike notice for this Tuesday, March 19. She calls on the 5.7 million public agents to mobilize to defend their remuneration, as well as to “put an end to the spiral of stigmatization and devaluation and refuse to suffer a blank year in terms of salary”. We take stock of the reasons and consequences of this call for a strike.

The reasons for the strike

The general secretary of the CFDT Marylise Léon and his CGT counterpart Sophie Binet have called Monday the government to open “immediate” negotiations on the salaries of civil servants, but also “the question of working conditions, career prospects” and “a real problem of attractiveness”. “Today, there are civil servants who have difficulty making ends meet. There are 10% – 500,000 civil servants – who earn less than 1,508 euros net per month. They are directly hit by inflation, they must be able to live from their work,” argued Marylise Léon.

The announcement of 10 billion savings on public spending amplifies anger and fears. On the side of the Autonomous Federation of Civil Service (FA-FP), its national secretary Fabien Golfier explained “understanding the constraints of the State”, but stressed that public agents are not “an adjustable variable” .

Classes and schools closed

Many schools, colleges and high schools have warned parents of the closure of classes this Tuesday, or even of the entire establishment. For some, it is the canteens that will pose a problem. However, no official figures have been given as to the number of expected strikers.

Health workers on strike… but working

Co-secretary general of the CGT federation of state agents, Céline Verzeletti anticipated this week “certainly mobilizations in health and an interesting mobilization at the level of local authorities”. Liberal nurses, who “regret a lack of upgrading for 15 years”, are also called to join the strikers by the National Union of Liberal Nurses (Sniil). However, many healthcare workers will be at work, but with a headband or an indication that they are on strike on their coats. Those who demonstrate are those who are normally off this Tuesday.

Demonstrations all over France

A national demonstration, led by the general secretary of the CFDT Marylise Léon and her counterparts from the CGT and FO Sophie Binet and Frédéric Souillot, is planned in Paris. And in the regions, several gatherings must take place near the prefectures. The Snes gave an online map of events planned in France.

https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/carte-des-manifestations-19-mars_1037726?scaleControl=false&miniMap=false&scrollWheelZoom=true&zoomControl=true&editMode=disabled&moreControl=false&searchControl=null&tilelayersControl=null&embedControl=null&datalayersControl=null&onLoadPanel=none &captionBar=false&captionMenus= false#6/47.376/1.736

Town halls, prefectures, CPAM, CAF, Cnav, taxes…

The greatest uncertainty remains regarding the staff of communities and various administrations. No figures have been given yet.


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