What should you pay attention to during winter health care?

What should you pay attention to during winter health care?

“1929 did not take action, 3949 walked on the ice, 5969 watched willows along the river, 79 the river opened, 89 geese came, 99 plus 19, cattle were everywhere…” Since the winter solstice We have officially entered the “counting nine” days. There are different versions of “Jiujiu Song” in various places, which vividly record the phenological changes from the winter solstice to the next spring equinox.

So what should we pay attention to after the winter solstice?

How to keep warm

Special groups of people need to “warm their heads”

There has always been a saying among the people that “cooling the head and warming the feet” is because Chinese medicine believes that “the head is the gathering of all yangs”, with the most abundant yang qi and the most cold-resistant; from the perspective of modern medicine, the head is closer to the heart, supplying oxygen and blood. It is relatively sufficient, so for healthy people, it is okay to have a little “freeze” on the head. It can also enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and improve immunity. However, for the elderly, those who are weak and have low immunity, and those who suffer from chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc., their cold tolerance is poor and cannot be treated by ordinary people. Therefore, for these people, it is best to “warm their heads.”

Abdomen and back: add clothes to prevent diseases

Important organs such as the lungs, heart, spleen and stomach are located in the chest and abdomen. If you catch cold, it will easily cause diseases of the corresponding organs, such as heart attack, cough, asthma, stomach pain and diarrhea. For women, cold in the abdomen may also affect reproductive health, causing dysmenorrhea, infertility and other conditions. In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the back is home to the Governor Vessel, and colds and colds often start from the back. Therefore, keeping the waist and back warm can not only prevent colds, strengthen the kidneys and strengthen the waist, but also prevent the recurrence and aggravation of old diseases.

Hands and feet: add clothes to promote circulation

As the saying goes, “cold starts from the feet.” The feet are the farthest from the heart, have poor blood circulation, have little fat, and have poor thermal insulation properties, so they are very susceptible to cold. Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that several important meridians of the human body converge and start at the feet. Cold in the head will affect the health of the whole body and reduce disease resistance. Therefore, keeping feet warm is of great significance for warming the body and preventing diseases. The hands are also at the end of the limbs and are also vulnerable to cold attack. In addition to feeling cold hands, cold can also take away the oil from the skin and reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, causing the skin on the hands to be dry or even cracked.

After the winter solstice, you can also use moxibustion to nourish the kidneys. The kidneys are the foundation of congenital life, and the spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired life. If the spleen and kidneys are deficient, the healthy qi will be weak and the evil qi will be strong. Therefore, the key to nourishing healthy energy is to warm and nourish the spleen and kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that moxibustion is the best way to warm and nourish the body. Moxibustion is the fire attack of moxa, which can strengthen people’s yang energy and benefit people’s true yin. Here, “moxibustion” is what we usually call moxibustion. The ancients said: “What acupuncture cannot do, moxibustion is suitable for.” Moxibustion can replenish those with deficiencies and colds, disperse stagnation, cure those who are sick, and keep fit and prolong life for those who are not sick. Traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion health care method has gradually become one of the first choice methods for people’s health care because of its simple operation and few side effects. However, although moxibustion has few side effects, it is not suitable for everyone. Moxibustion should be used with caution for people with chronic respiratory diseases and allergies.

Winter corresponds to the kidneys in the five internal organs, and the main function of the kidneys is to “store essence.” During this optimal period of tonic, following the ancient adage of “nourishing yang in autumn and winter, replenishing the deficient and warming the cold”, one should eat less raw and cold food. Most people can eat some high-calorie foods appropriately, but they should not be hot or dry. Drink more soy milk, eat more fresh vegetables and some vitamin-rich and easy-to-digest foods to resist the severe cold in winter and replenish your vitality. In addition, it should also vary from person to person. There are differences between men, women, old and young, and physical constitutions can be differentiated between deficiency, excess, cold and heat. Based on the laws of human growth and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine health care, young people need to be nourished, middle-aged need to be reconditioned, and old people need to be protected. Therefore, “winter tonic” should be based on the actual situation and targeted selection of clear tonic, warm tonic, small tonic, and large tonic. Never blindly “tonic”. You can eat some potatoes appropriately, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., which can not only supplement vitamins, but also clear away internal heat. You can also eat some green vegetables as they are rich in vitamins. However, it should be noted that green vegetable varieties need to be frequently changed and paired appropriately to supplement the body’s vitamin needs. (Tianjin First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Geriatrics Qu Fan)

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