what should you eat on December 24 at lunchtime?

what should you eat on December 24 at lunchtime?

Although it is counterintuitive, you should not change your eating habits before Christmas dinner. This is obviously only valid if your diet is usually balanced and varied of course.

As a result, “the breakfast on December 24 as well as the midday meal will be identical to your habits, always taking care to favor foods of good quality and the most digestible”, recommends Elsa Bordes, dietitian-nutritionist, in the Pyrenees- Atlantics on its site www.dieteticienne-eb.fr.

For what ?

“To avoid being hungry and throwing yourself at the evening aperitif cakes!” » Which would prevent you from enjoying the meal that follows, and in particular the dessert.

So don’t deprive yourself, but avoid foods that are too rich, fatty, sweet or salty. You will make up for it in the evening. Instead, prepare a balanced dish rich in fruits and vegetables for a rich supply of vitamins and minerals.

Prefer the leanest meats and equivalents or plant derivatives: white meat, poultry, fish, eggs or even plant proteins. Add a starch to your dish to keep you going without starving until New Year’s Eve. Finish with fruit or natural yogurt.

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