What risks are there with radiotherapy? – WWN

What risks are there with radiotherapy? – WWN

Of Vittorio Donato

Side effects are linked to the site of the irradiation field: modest proctitis and cystitis, temporary and manageable reactions. In stereotaxics, difficulty urinating

I have prostate cancer scale G 3+3 (intraprostatic). The doctors proposed the standard intervention, or radiotherapy with hormone therapy. I have read up on stereotactic radiotherapy, but I don’t know the side effects. With my illness, could I undergo this type of treatment? What effects can I risk, even in the long term?

He replies Vittorio Donatoscientific director of the INI Group, Rome

Specifically, prostate cancer with Gleason 6 (3+3) and intraprostatic neoplasia, the main radical treatment options are, as has been suggested, radiotherapy or surgery. However, I remember how it is also there another option called watchful waiting which could be carried out in these cases, but only under strict specialist medical supervision.

In relation to stereotactic radiotherapy (but in your case I’m not sure about the feasibility due to lack of information), it would be theoretically possible to do it. This treatment modality requires few applicationsI report some international experiences in which it is even administered in a single fraction (radiosurgery), but requires high radiotherapy technology that allows precise targeting of the tumor and the prostate, in addition to the need to carry out each radiotherapy application with absolutely millimetric precision.

The accuracy of these procedures is necessary as the doses administered daily are very high. This scheme is necessary to eliminate cancer and must be carried out respecting the quality controls necessary to carry out an effective treatment without possible complications. In addition to the technological aspect, it is really important, indeed fundamental, that there is a good expertise of all the staff where the radiation oncologist specialist works, in order to be able to count on a treatment carried out correctly.

Regarding side effectsthese will be linked to the site of the irradiation field which in the case of the prostate may involve part of the rectum and bladder. In general terms, we may therefore have modest proctitis and cystitis, but generally they are temporary reactions that can be easily managed by the radiotherapist-oncologist. In the case of stereotaxis there may be the possibility, over time, of one difficulty urinatingbut on this point it is best to consult a specialist doctor as these effects vary significantly depending on the characteristics of the patient and the therapeutic scheme adopted.

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