“We have to make people understand that it’s an illness”

“We have to make people understand that it’s an illness”

At the beginning of March, the World Health Organization announced that obesity among children and adolescents has quadrupled in thirty years.

France less affected

If this data is global, France is rather less affected than other countries. Still according to the WHO, it is one of the 50 countries in which the percentages are the lowest: 17% among adults and 4% among children.

Obesity is despite everything a public health problem which is at the heart of an evening of discussion organized by the Pèse Plume 01 association on March 19. An evening dedicated to professionals who will be interested in pediatric obesity and how, locally, to enable interactions between different structures.

“We are going to talk about collaborations between local systems and the RéPPOP LyRRA, the network for the prevention and management of obesity in the Rhône-Alpes region,” indicates Ludovic Orgé, the president of Pèse Plume 01. The issue is to make people understand that it is a disease and to provide training to doctors and other health professionals. »

“Obesity is increasing”

Several structures exist in the department to accommodate these children and adolescents affected by obesity.

The Pèse Plume association can guide families who do not always know where to turn. “We meet the parents and the children, we advise them on the possibilities of follow-up,” continues Ludovic Orgé, who insists on the important partnership between patients and the medical profession.

“Working in a network is essential, it allows you to create a link between the people concerned and the professionals. Obesity is increasing, so it is important that there is better knowledge of the subject. »

Evening of exchange for health professionals on pediatric obesity, Tuesday March 19, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. at the Maison de la culture et de la citizenship in Bourg-en-Bresse.

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