Valletoux promises to modify the overly restrictive decree

Valletoux promises to modify the overly restrictive decree


The Minister Delegate for Health, Frédéric Valletouxpromised Tuesday to do everything possible to facilitate the work of midwives after the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution.

“Constitutionalizing this principle is a major step,” declared the Minister Delegate on Europe 1. “My job now will be to guarantee access to abortion throughout the territory in conditions of safety and quality of care that are the same for all women.

He recalled that it has been possible, since 2022, to obtain prescriptions prescribing medications for medical abortion by teleconsultation. A decree, published on Saturday, also increases the prices of abortions, reimbursed by Health Insurance, by 25%.

The decree will be “repealed and rewritten”

As for the decree of December 2023 which gave midwives the possibility of performing surgical abortions, it “does not satisfy me, and does not satisfy midwives either”, he said, because it contains restrictive “conditions” of practice. It provides, for example, “a prior consultation with a doctor”, which amounts to “not changing many things”, he added.

“I am therefore putting (this decree) back for consultation”, in order to “take it up again with the professionals” (representatives of midwives and obstetrician gynecologists) and “better ensure access” to abortion in the territory. The text will be “repealed” and rewritten “very quickly, in the coming weeks”.

A specific conscience clause

Asked about the conscience clause of doctors – which allows them to refuse to perform a medical procedure, for professional or personal reasons – the minister assured that the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution “absolutely does not change the situation “. “Those who were reluctant, or did not wish to practice this act, will be able to continue to express it in the same way,” said Frédéric Valletoux.

By legalizing abortion in 1975, the Veil law established a specific right not to practice it, a specific conscience clause which applies to caregivers. The caregiver must then immediately inform the patient and refer them to a competent team.

For Manuel Bompard (LFI), this clause is “an obstacle, an obstacle to ensuring that this right which is now in the Constitution is effective”, he said on France 2 on Tuesday. The day before, the leader of the LFI deputies, Mathilde Panothad requested on France Inter “the repeal of the double conscience clause”.


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