Valletoux announces an administrative investigation

Valletoux announces an administrative investigation


The Minister of Health Frédéric Valletoux announced on Sunday an administrative investigation into the death of an octogenarian suffering from neuropsychological disorders, found dead in a container from the Aix-en-Provence hospital, where the patient got lost after escaping the supervision of caregivers.

After affirming that “any death in the emergency room is truly terrible” and sending his thoughts to the family, the minister indicated that he had “asked for an administrative investigation to be carried out”, during the broadcast Political issues (France Inter, franceinfo, The world).

A “very remote” location

The objective is to “understand if there were any disorders in the organization of the service at that time”, continued Frédéric Valletoux, referring to a possible “lack of supervision” of the octogenarian at “a moment of overload of work, in particular the arrival of two or three patients in the deshock room”.

“In this gap, it seems that she left and found a way to this very remote location – since it took several days of searching before the unfortunately deceased person was found,” he said. he continued.

No traces of blows

The autopsy of the body of this 85-year-old woman, who had “entered alone into an empty container of the establishment”, showed “no trace of blows, violence or any shock and attributes her death to pneumonia », indicated Thursday the public prosecutor of Aix-en-Provence, Jean-Luc Blachon.

“Pathological examinations were ordered by the prosecution to refine these initial conclusions,” he said, explaining that an investigation was opened “for the purposes of investigating the causes of death.”

“The hospital didn’t move, no one did anything”

The victim’s daughter told Provence that his mother had escaped hospital surveillance on the evening of February 23. “We searched everywhere in the hospital, Saturday, Sunday. The hospital didn’t move, no one did anything,” denounced this woman, explaining that she only finally found her mother with the help of a firefighter cousin and his colleagues.

Hyères, Nantes, and even Toulouse, after “unexpected” deaths in overwhelmed emergency services, deputies and organizations recently called for a parliamentary commission of inquiry.

To “relieve a little the emergencies”, the Minister of Health mentioned on Sunday the SAS (access to care service) – improved Samu which redirects “lighter” cases to community medicine –, which allows “10 to 30% fewer passages.” Present in 63 departments, this system will be “deployed in 100 departments by the summer”, he assured. And “we will, in the territories, organize permanent care”, under the control of regional health agencies (ARS), promised Frédéric Valletoux.


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