UNITED STATES. No, Snoop Dogg didn’t really quit smoking weed

UNITED STATES.  No, Snoop Dogg didn’t really quit smoking weed

“After much consideration and discussion with my family, I have decided to quit smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time. ” So the message posted a few days ago by Snoop Dogg on his Instagram account. The announcement surprised his fans – and beyond – as the rapper is known to be a big user of cannabis.

But the doubtful Internet users were right: Snoop Dogg hasn’t really stopped smoking. On Monday, the singer revealed that his announcement was in reality a successful publicity stunt for a barbecue brand.

“I stopped smoking. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Snoop, that’s your trademark! » , he says in a video posted on his social networks. ” But it’s over. Now I’m stopping the smoke. I’m done with coughing and smelly clothes,” he repeats. But as the camera moves away, we understand that the rapper is actually sitting in front of a barbecue that is not making smoke. “I choose the smoke-free option, with Solo Stove,” says Snoop Dogg.

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The rapper is therefore in reality an ambassador for this barbecue brand, which prides itself on being able to generate flames without making smoke. “Clever,” concludes Snoop Dogg.

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