United Kingdom. Prince Harry wishes Kate ‘health and healing’ after cancer announcement

United Kingdom.  Prince Harry wishes Kate ‘health and healing’ after cancer announcement


THE Prince Harry and his wife Meghan wished Princess Kate “healed” on Friday, suffering from cancer which she has just revealed.

“We wish health and healing to Kate and the family, and hope that they can recover (in a) private and peaceful manner,” they said in a statement sent on behalf of the couple, who live in California .

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The British royal family is experiencing an extremely trying start to the year: a month and a half after the announcement of Charles IIIPrincess Kate, the wife of her eldest son William, said Friday evening that she too had this disease.

Before Charles and Kate, Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrewalso said in January that she had malignant melanoma, a serious skin cancer.

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At odds with his family, against whom he has increased attacks, in memoirs and a documentary broadcast in 2022 on Netflix, Prince Harry renounced his royal obligations and settled with Meghan in California since 2020.

Both not appeared since 2022

In February, the Duke of Sussex traveled alone to England after his father, King Charles III, was diagnosed with cancer. He then said he was “sure” that this illness could allow reconciliation within his torn family.

His return to London had raised questions and speculation about a possible rapprochement, or at least a meeting, with his older brother William, with whom relations have broken off. But the meeting with the Prince of Wales did not take place.

The last joint public appearance of the two princes, united after the death of their mother Diana in 1997, dates back to September 2022, for the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II.


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