TV program. “Special correspondent” on the bedbug market: beware of scams

TV program.  “Special correspondent” on the bedbug market: beware of scams

Last fall, they made headlines. On the train, in the cinema, in schools… On social networks, images show how bedbugs have invaded our public spaces. They have become a source of anxiety. The media around the world even relayed the information. One in ten French people have already been affected by these animals, which have existed for a long time.

Amazing services

But the ambient psychosis which has invaded society has given ideas to unscrupulous people, who have made it their business. In a documentary made by Correspondent and broadcast this Thursday evening, on France 2, journalist Emilie Helmbacher decided to put herself in the shoes of an individual whose apartment is infested by these insects. She tested several companies chosen at random. Result: quotes ranging from 200 to more than 1000 euros and companies which even have techniques to make it appear that the home is invaded.

But once the presence of bedbugs is established, you still need to choose the right company to eradicate them. Some have paid the price of less than conscientious companies and had to carry out several disinfections. In the report, a couple admits to having spent 8,000 euros to be completely rid of these pests.

Promoting a banned product

Worse still, a supposedly miraculous product has appeared: the Sniper. It would be the solution for those who cannot afford to call on a company. This product can be found for sale on online sites, on social networks and even in certain bazaars. Problem, this insecticide is banned for sale in France and Europe. According to an ANSES report, since 2018, the Sniper is the cause of 163 cases of serious poisoning, sometimes fatal. Alain, a computer scientist living in the Lyon region, found his father and brother in respiratory distress after using this product. His father did not survive. According to the doctor, he suffered a brain hemorrhage. But Alain is convinced: it was indeed the Sniper who caused his father’s death. He filed a complaint against X. His brother, seriously intoxicated, had to be hospitalized for more than a month. An investigation is underway.

This Thursday evening, Correspondent will also focus on the alcohol-free month, “Dry January” as well as the freedom smugglers, these Mexican feminist activists who help American women to have clandestine abortions, at home, using pills.

Correspondent this Thursday, January 11, from 9:10 p.m., on France 2.

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