Transplantation: Willingness to donate organs has increased in Germany

Transplantation: Willingness to donate organs has increased in Germany

The number of organ donations in Germany increased last year. After the sharp decline in 2022, a slight recovery was recorded in 2023, said the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO). According to this, 965 people donated one or more organs after their death last year, 96 more than in the previous year. That corresponds to 11.4 donors per million inhabitants. In 2022 there were still 10.3 donors per million inhabitants.

According to the information, the total number of organs removed postmortem increased by 8.1 percent to 2,877. In the 45 domestic transplant centers, 2,985 organs were transferred after postmortem donation from Germany and the Eurotransplant network.

In total, 2,866 seriously ill patients were given a better quality of life or even a continuation of life; the previous year the number was 2,695. At the same time, almost 8,400 people in Germany are on waiting lists for a transplant.

According to the DSO, Germany continues to be at the bottom of the international comparison and is dependent on donations from other member states in the Eurotransplant network. Accordingly, more organs are donated to Germany than are given to other countries.

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