towards control of all establishments for the disabled from 2025

towards control of all establishments for the disabled from 2025


A campaign of systematic controls of all social and medico-social establishments welcoming people with disabilities in France will be launched from 2025, the government announced on Monday, as part of a national strategy to combat mistreatment targeting people disabled or elderly.

“This strategy plans to control all medico-social establishments housing children and adults with disabilities by 2030. Inspectors will be responsible for verifying that their fundamental rights are respected. Particular attention will be given to the fight against abuse,” indicates the delegated ministry responsible for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Only 130 inspectors

“This will of course be done over several years, but as soon as there are reports, the Regional Health Agency goes immediately” to the site, said on franceinfo Fadila Khattabi, Minister Delegate for the Elderly and People with Disabilities. She was questioned about the number of inspectors (around 130) compared to the number of establishments.

In total, 9,200 establishments (i.e. more than 70 establishments per inspector) which welcome disabled people are concerned, in particular medico-educational institutes (IME), medical reception homes, specialized reception centers and Establishment and service of help through work (Esat).

“There will be checks already announced but above all unannounced checks to see if the recommendations of the High Health Authority are properly applied and respected, the conditions of hygiene, safety, etc.,” added Khattabi.

Shock report

This control strategy was published the day after the broadcast on Sunday evening on M6 of a “Zone Interdite” investigation into state failures in the disability sector. The program notably shows a dilapidated IME, which refuses to let in parents, alerted by an educator to the deplorable conditions of accommodation for their children.

This survey also gives voice to parents who indicate that they have filed a complaint after observing signs of mistreatment of their autistic son. Khattabi also “asked for a mission to be launched with the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS), starting this summer, to monitor the support and guidance of disabled children in EMI”, in reaction to this report , according to ministry. The conclusions are expected by the end of the year.


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