They warned about the danger in bedrooms: Dirtier than toilet seats

They warned about the danger in bedrooms: Dirtier than toilet seats

A new study reveals the danger we harbor in our bedrooms. According to research, there are more germs on pillowcases than on toilet seats.

They warned about the danger in bedrooms: Dirtier than toilet seats

Although sleep is extremely important for health, where we sleep and whether the environment we are in is hygienic or not also affects our health.

According to a new research; clean sheets affect our health much more than we think. Experts warn that not changing sheets weekly can cause ear, nose and throat problems.

Sleep specialist Dr. Hana Patel says, “Although it seems very simple, you will be surprised how many people do not change their sheets weekly,” and points out that this simple cleaning routine is not actually seen in many homes.


Patel explains how dirty sheets and pillowcases threaten health by saying, “Sleeping on sheets covered with dust and dead skin cells will further irritate your nasal passages, especially if you are prone to allergies.”

Recent research has revealed that pillowcases often contain more germs than toilet seats.

A recent study showed that just under half of single men wash their bedding only every four months, while couples wash their sheets about once a month and single women wash their bedding about once every two weeks.


The research and the warning of the experts attracted attention, especially during the bedbug nightmare in France. Appeared in movie theaters in the capital Paris in October, metro and bedbugs, which are also starting to appear on trains. World It was featured in the press and even the images of the streets where the beds infested by these insects were thrown away became a trending topic.

Dr., an ear, nose and throat specialist. Arthur Moeller also states in the research that the frequency of changing sheets is insufficient, and that the high rate of allergens in the bedroom environment affects the quality of sleep: “Although it is not dangerous, your sleep may be interrupted due to coughing and sneezing throughout the night.”

In addition to changing sheets weekly, Moeller says we should also vacuum our bedrooms every seven days while keeping clean ones in a sealed plastic bag. She also recommends purchasing sheets with synthetic fabrics, which are less susceptible to collecting dust mites.

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