the virus detected again in the department

the virus detected again in the department

This Friday, January 12, the Ain prefecture revealed the existence of an outbreak of avian flu, detected in several greylag geese, on January 8, in the town of Birieux. The spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI), which is very dynamic in this winter season among migratory wildlife, made it necessary, from December 5, to place the entire French territory under quarantine. alert status at “high” risk level “.

With the discovery of these new cases of avian flu, state services are calling for increased vigilance by everyone, for optimal protection of poultry farms in the department and more particularly those located in Dombes. The “high” risk level requires breeders and zoos keeping captive poultry and birds to protect their establishments with nets.

Rules for walkers and hunters

The biosecurity recommendations are also aimed at walkers frequenting wetlands and around bodies of water. They are asked not to bring discovered birds to a care center without first contacting it and not to touch dead birds under any circumstances.

Hunters, for their part, are prohibited from hunting within a perimeter of 200 meters around poultry farms. These protective measures complement the campaign of compulsory vaccination launched in France e since 1er October 2023 for commercial farms keeping more than 250 ducks. To date, 159,000 ducks from 15 farms have already been vaccinated in the department.

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