The threat of Covid-19 in pets is growing

The threat of Covid-19 in pets is growing

Worrying news for pet owners… Scientists have detected a new and deadly type of coronavirus that can kill cats.

The threat of Covid-19 in pets is growing

A dangerous type of coronavirus that has killed 8,000 cats so far this year has been detected in the United Kingdom, and experts doubt that this number will increase much more.

Fearing that the new hybrid species coming from Cyprus may pose a threat to the cat population, scientists continue further examinations and treatments on the isolated carrier cat.

Although this strain has caused a global epidemic and World Although it is not linked to Covid-19, which has caused lockdowns across the country, scientists fear it is the same “genetic fingerprint” found in an animal-specific virus.


The current strain, F-CoV-23, which was found in the carrier cat and is also found in many canines and felines worldwide, infected 91 cats in Cyprus.

However, experts believe that the real number of deaths may be much higher than 8 thousand and may even exceed 300 thousand. Cypriot authorities have confirmed that emergency measures have been taken to control the outbreak on the “cat island”.

Vets and volunteers are now working hard to protect and care for infected animals and prevent the disease from causing further damage to the cat population, the Daily Mail reported.

Dr. Regarding the new virus that is rapidly spreading in the cat population, Christine Tait-Burkard said, “This new virus appears to spread easily and is no longer dependent on changes or mutations in the host. “Our evidence shows that the virus can spread directly from cat to cat via feces, just like cat and canine coronavirus.” said.

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