the medico-social sector in the street

the medico-social sector in the street

A forgotten sector. This is the impression of the medico-social and social professionals who demonstrated in Saint-Étienne this Thursday, April 4. 250 people according to the unions (200 according to the prefecture) filled the ranks of the procession, which left the Labor Exchange at 11:15 a.m., to reach the prefecture where a delegation was received at 12:30 p.m. All point the finger at the deterioration of the working conditions, linked to the lack of human resources and the freezing of salaries.

Less and less staff

“We are asking for a salary increase because many people are still below the minimum wage with catch-up bonuses. We also want a single agreement to be established so that everyone receives equal treatment in our sector,” relates Cyrille Daudey, deputy secretary of the departmental union of the CGT health and social action. “We want Ségur health for all. Today, not everyone receives the bonus of 183 euros”, normally paid to all staff since the 1er June 2021.

Vacancies are increasing in the social and medico-social sectors. The cause mentioned by the professionals interviewed: increasing numbers of burnouts, workplace accidents and resignations. “We do a service by working overtime to properly care for our residents, but these hours are not paid, just recovered. All human support is reduced. The residents suffer from it, and so do we,” denounces Isabelle and Thierry, specialist educators at Adapei 42, in Roannais.

“Not many people are aware of our work”

Problems also accumulate on the recruitment side, starting with training. Lysandre, 24, obtained a permanent contract a week ago at the Constellation medical-educational institute in Saint-Étienne. “There were 36 of us at the start of the training. There are only 12 of us who graduated three years ago,” describes the instructor-educator. “Many left because of the lack of human and material resources, the lack of budget in the structures, but above all the lack of recognition. Not many people are aware of our work.”

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