The ban on “puffs” is on the menu of the National Assembly

The ban on “puffs” is on the menu of the National Assembly

The National Assembly attacks to the “puffs”. The deputies will study this Monday evening a bill aimed at prohibiting these disposable single-use electronic cigarettes, singled out for their risks to health and the environment. These inexpensive products, with a tangy or fruity taste and a colorful design, worrying because they particularly target adolescents.

Last week, MEPs took a first step towards banning “puffs” by adopting in committee a transpartisan bill to prohibit them. Worn by the ecologist Francesca Pasquini and the Macronist Michel Lauzzana, the text was unanimously approved in committee, before its arrival in the Assembly chamber this Monday, for first reading. He will then take charge of the Senate, in the hope of enacting the ban on “puffs” by the end of the summer.

A “pediatric epidemic”

Francesca Pasquini is alarmed by the “dazzling success” among adolescents of these “disposable electronic cigarettes”, with “aromas that evoke childhood” and “flashy colors”, which “are easily confused in a kit with stabilos”. “They do not contain tobacco but may contain nicotine”, “poisonous substance” and “addictive”, denounced the MP for Hauts-de-Seine.

The elected environmentalist invited a series of associative actors to the Assembly last Monday, including Loïc Josseran, president of the Alliance Against Tobacco. The “puffs” are a “pediatric epidemic”, criticized the latter, referring to the first users from “11 or 12 years old”. Sold since 2020, these e-cigarettes remain on paper, prohibited to minors.

An “environmental disaster”

Beyond the health issue, the “puff” also represents an environmental scourge. The elected official Francesca Pasquini denounced the “environmental disaster” represented by these cigarettes. And for good reason, the “puffs contain a small lithium battery that is not or barely rechargeable and which ends up in the trash”.

This bill is government supported. After the text was tabled in November 2022, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne in turn called for a ban on “puffs” at the beginning of September. “We will ban puffs”, an “aberration” for public health and the environment, Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau repeated last Tuesday.

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