The 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference was held…

The 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference was held…

From December 22 to 24, the 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference was held in Tianjin. The conference is co-sponsored by relevant organizations such as nutritionist associations, nutrition societies, and health management associations across the country, and is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the China Nutritionist Development Conference.

The theme of this conference is “Health Industry Empowerment, Nutritional Value Creation”. 50+ industry authoritative experts, 60+ national nutritionist associations, 70+ leading companies and 1000+ professional nutritionists participated in the conference, focusing on “high” and “professional” The four dimensions of “precision” and “broadness” focus on the subdivisions of nutrition and nutrition as good medicine, weight management, nutritious breakfast, children’s nutrition, etc., to carry out academic exchanges and discussions, build consensus, promote innovation, and explore the major challenges facing the nutrition and health industry. and key opportunities to contribute wisdom and experience to the national nutrition and health industry groups.

During the meeting, Amway announced that it would invest 2 million yuan to establish the “Rational Diet·Chinese Residents’ Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model Science Popularization Fund” in cooperation with the Chinese Nutrition Society to promote basic research on breakfast nutrition in the scientific community and encourage the public to develop reasonable dietary habits. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Amway cooperates with the Chinese Nutrition Society to establish the “Rational Diet·Chinese Residents’ Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model Science Popularization Fund”

Amway invested 2 million yuan and joined hands with the Chinese Nutrition Society to establish a breakfast science popularization fund

A reasonable diet is the cornerstone of health. Breakfast is the beginning of the day’s nutritional acquisition and the first stop for active health.

Yang Yuexin, chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said that Chinese residents do not pay enough attention to breakfast nutrition. More than 10% of the population cannot eat breakfast every day, and nearly 90% of the population have a single breakfast variety. The quality of breakfast is not high, and nutritional intake is insufficient and uneven. Missing the best nutritional intake period throughout the day will lead to a lack of energy and nutrients throughout the day, thereby reducing brain excitability, causing problems such as lack of concentration and slow thinking, and affecting learning. and work efficiency. If things go on like this, it will increase the risk of chronic diseases such as gastritis, gallstones, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Yang Yuexin, Chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society

In August this year, the Chinese Nutrition Society’s Reasonable Diet Working Expert Group, with the support of the Amway Nutrilite Nutrition and Health Research Center, compiled the “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents” to guide the public to pay attention to breakfast nutrition and eat the first meal of the day well. Develop a healthy lifestyle and improve your health.

Nutritional and healthy breakfast model for Chinese residents

The “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents” proposes:

The amount of breakfast food should account for 25-30% of the total food intake throughout the day, and the energy supply is similar to that of lunch and dinner;

Ensure a variety of food (at least four varieties). A fast, convenient and nutritious breakfast should include 1 serving of cereal staples, 1 serving of milk, eggs and other foods, and 1 serving each of vegetables and fruits: pay special attention to high-quality foods rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, etc.; contain vitamins , minerals, dietary fiber and plant compounds and other nutrients; foods rich in probiotics to achieve balanced, sufficient and comprehensive nutrients.

Choose more foods with high nutrient density and less foods high in oil, salt, and sugar such as fried, pickled foods, and pastries.

In order to continue to promote basic scientific research on reasonable diet and popularize the importance of breakfast nutrition, Amway invested 2 million yuan to establish the “Rational Diet·Chinese Residents’ Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model Science Popularization Fund” in cooperation with the Chinese Nutrition Society. Yang Yuexin introduced that the fund aims to bring together multiple academic and science popularization forces, strengthen basic research, and benefit public health. In the next three years, applications will be open to scientific research and health education institutions, universities, science popularization groups, etc. in the field of nutrition and health.

Peng Xianwu, general manager of R&D and technical regulations of Amway (China), said that the “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents” provides scientific guidance from multiple perspectives on the importance of breakfast nutrition, as well as factors such as comprehensive, balanced and timing of nutritional intake; popular science The establishment of the fund hopes to encourage more professional scientific research teams to join in research and popular science activities to promote scientific diets and popularize breakfast nutrition and health models, and promote the public’s gradual transformation from “eating full” and “eating well” to “eating healthy”.

Peng Xianwu, General Manager of R&D and Technical Regulations of Amway (China)

Leading a healthy life, Amway promotes comprehensive health

Adequate and balanced nutrition lays a solid foundation for health; improving public health literacy and practicing a healthy lifestyle are the most fundamental, economical and effective ways to achieve comprehensive health.

Taking nutritious breakfast as its starting point, Amway strongly advocates the concept of comprehensive and balanced nutrition and promotes the daily life, scene and community-oriented public health management. Under the background of the macro policy of building a “Healthy China”, Amway is deeply engaged in the field of comprehensive health, taking “comprehensive health promoter” as its corporate positioning, increasing product research and development and innovation, consolidating digital operation capabilities, and accelerating through continuous localization investment. Assist the construction of China’s modern nutritional food industry system.

Over the past ten years, Amway has carried out health literacy promotion activities such as the “Healthy China Our Action” to popularize disease prevention and dietary nutrition knowledge, reaching more than 100 cities across the country, covering a total of over 100 million people; empowering and training marketing personnel, and online The “Health Public Welfare Institute” has brought together 1.6 million people, trained and certified more than 60,000 nutrition and health consultants through the Chinese Nutrition Society, and created hundreds of thousands of “big health communities” to disseminate scientific health knowledge and provide professional and Personalized health solutions, and support and encourage consumers to turn knowledge into actions and actions into habits, make healthy lifestyles a social trend, and make each vibrant healthy community a driving force for healthy cities and healthy The grassroots backbone of China’s construction.

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