Ten minutes between classes to help students thrive

Ten minutes between classes to help students thrive

Recently, in response to some schools shortening students’ recess time and narrowing the scope of recess activities, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education said in an interview with the media that they will resolutely correct the restriction of students’ necessary recess and activities on the grounds of “ensuring student safety” way of doing.

For the overall growth of students, ten minutes between classes can play an important role. Education is never just about scores. Only by focusing on children’s physical and mental health and all-round development can it be called scientific education. Guided by this, the country has introduced a series of policies and measures to make every seemingly insignificant change become “sunshine” that protects students’ healthy and healthy growth.

Ensuring students’ mental health is a necessary component of education. Zheng Yi, the chief expert in child psychiatry at Beijing Anding Hospital, pointed out that school life is a major factor that affects children’s psychological status. Once psychological problems occur without diagnosis and treatment, they may lead to mental illness; in this case, no matter how good their grades are, the gains outweigh the losses. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of educational concepts, the state has launched a series of measures to strengthen students’ psychological counseling and “double reduction” to make classes easier and school bags lighter. The psychological burden originally caused by heavy schoolwork and test scores greatly reduced. Compared with test scores, personality integrity occupies a more central position in a person’s growth and development, so it must be paid attention to.

Physical health should be one of the key contents of education. Take the ten minutes between classes as an example. Although the time is short, it is of great significance. After 40 to 50 minutes of intense and fast-paced classroom learning, a ten-minute break between classes can help relieve fatigue and allow for recovery and adjustment, just like the tension and relaxation of a spring to maintain elasticity. However, the school and teachers may be worried about accidents or failure to complete the teaching schedule as originally planned, so they prohibit leaving the floor or directly connecting the class during class breaks, resulting in students not having a good rest, which not only affects their health, but also reduces learning efficiency. . This is tantamount to putting the cart before the horse, picking up the “sesame seeds” of ten minutes between classes and losing the “watermelon” of long-term development. Giving children the time to run freely, laugh and talk freely, giving them the opportunity to combine work and rest, and properly “empty their brains” will be more conducive to students’ learning.

All-round development is the key goal of education. At present, the school attaches great importance to the multi-dimensional development of students. For example, in 2016, 11 departments including the Ministry of Education issued the “Opinions on Promoting Study Travel for Primary and Secondary School Students” to encourage students to study and travel. In recent years, various study activities have become very popular. Children have gone out of the classroom and broadened their horizons in nature and ancient buildings. For example, last year, labor classes were included in the curriculum of primary and secondary school students, teaching students how to cook fresh ingredients into delicious food, how to thread needles and mend clothes, etc.; there are also schools that take students to the countryside to plant rice, loosen the soil, and grow vegetables… There are many courses in these courses Improve students’ thinking and cognition in a dimensional way, telling them that knowledge is not only in books, but also in life and practice, allowing them to enhance their understanding of the world in the unity of knowledge and action.

Teach, what is given above will be effective below. Every action taken by the school will subtly affect students’ outlook on life. Education that pays attention to physical and mental health and comprehensive development will create a good growth environment for students and help them become outstanding talents who understand the world and themselves; at the same time, it will also plant a seed of “what is education” in the hearts of students. When it takes root and sprouts, it will continue to influence others, which will be of great benefit to the sustainable development of the country and nation.

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