Taylor Swift’s training to endure three hours of concert and not have a gram of fat

Taylor Swift’s training to endure three hours of concert and not have a gram of fat


Being a ‘swiftie’ can be complicated, but the interesting thing is that it solves a lot of complicated things in life. The ‘swifties’ or ‘swiftiers’ are the names by which the fanatical followers of Taylor Swift are known, the singer who dominates the musical world of this decade and whose power over broad social issues is devastating. For her fans, each lyric from the artist’s albums is ‘swifterature’ and a solution to concerns of all kinds. In addition, the young woman has accumulated a fortune that exceeds 1.1 billion dollars and it is expected that her world tour – ‘The Eras tour’ – will generate 5 billion dollars in income for the US economy. The American Republican Party lost its nerve two weeks ago when there was speculation that Swift would support Joe Biden against Trump in the North American elections, as she already did in 2020. Swift dominates the world.

And the world of Taylor Swift has also reached fitness. There are thousands of followers, or simply lovers of new sensations, who have created sporting challenges based on emulating the training that the singer practices to prepare for her concerts. It is not an acceptable challenge. To begin with, on ‘April’s Fools’ Day’ – the North American April Fool’s Day celebrated on April 1 – the singer released a video in which she was seen being thrown off a treadmill and hitting the ground violently. from his gym. It is a montage, but it warns of the risks to which anyone who wants to imitate her will be subjected.

Taylor Swift on the treadmill.

The key to the singer’s training to endure her three-hour concert and have a body without an atom of fat is the three hours she spends a day on the treadmill. It doesn’t mean that all this time Swift is striding like a marathoner. As she herself has explained, her routine consists of playing all the songs that she performs on tour – 44 in total, although she can vary – and not stopping until she has sung all of them while she moves around the sports machine. . The intensity of her movements is linked to the melody of the songs. In those that are more dynamic, Swift runs, while in the slow ones she just walks.

‘Light’ training

The ‘swifties’ who have wanted to imitate their heroine have recognized that those three hours of exercise are a problem. Not only because you have to have all that time a day to practice that form of sport. Also because it can be exhausting to do it day after day. So they have invented a more assimilable formula. This ‘Taylor Swift’ way of training but without reaching its limits involves personally developing a shorter list of songs – between 10 and 20 songs – and copying its alternation of fast and slow rhythms for 45 minutes, without getting off the treadmill. run. Singing the songs out loud while sweating depends on the audience and the lack of modesty of each practitioner, if it is done in a gym saturated with people.

This medium-intensity aerobic work with changes of pace, a type of sport that all coaches now consider beneficial, is not the only activity that the singer carries out. The artist is also a regular at Simone de la Rue’s gym, a former Australian classical dancer who has become a guru, with quite a dose of poshness, of North American fitness. To understand what Swift’s trainer means in the ‘fitness sphere’ you have to stay with one word: ‘Revenge body’ or, in Spanish, ‘the body of revenge’.

This term was coined to refer to the person who, after a romantic breakup, decides to train to achieve a sculptural body that makes the person they have abandoned regret not continuing with them. Revenge is that unattainable desire. This spiteful concept of the ‘revenge body’ was extended to the ‘ugly ducklings’, people without special gifts and who put all their hopes of standing out in the display of muscles and curves. The successful prototype of this way of thinking was Kloe Kardashian, the grayest component of the American television family. After divorcing NBA player Lamar Odom – a polydrug addict and sex addict who spent a few months at ‘Baskonia’, Vitoria’s basketball team, before suffering an overdose in a Las Vegas hotel -, Kloe Kardashian created the reality show ‘Revenge body’ and invited Simone de la Rue to explain how to do sports to get in shape and thus settle accounts with the past.

Simone de la Rue.

Simone de la Rue.

Swift is one of Simone de la Rue’s students, where she goes to complete her treadmill races with some more physical training. The method invented by the dancer is a mix of Pilates, dance and low-impact exercises. It is practiced in a women-only gym where the monthly fee is $375 but you can follow it online for less than the cost of a book.


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