symptoms, causes, remedies. Information campaign underway – WWN

symptoms, causes, remedies.  Information campaign underway – WWN

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Dry eye disorder, due to reduced tear production, especially affects women. If underestimated, it can also cause blurred vision, as well as pain. The Mostraci Rosa initiative in collaboration with 400 eye care centers until December

Pu interfere with numerous daily activities, such as computer use, reading, driving. Of the syndromedry eye suffers, in general, one person over fifty in fourbut this disorder, due to reduced tear production, affects women afflicting a two after the age of 45, as many as 90 percent of menopausal women. Hence the Vedeci Rosa initiative to inform and raise awareness about dry eye disorders, aimed at women and doctors, which involves several Italian eye care centers.

What is it and symptoms

At the base of the dry eye there is a impairment of the tear filmthe film that protects the eyes from the external environmentfrom which derives ainflammation of the surface of the eyewhich causes disturbances.
Between most common symptoms: burning, itching, irritation, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, discomfort with light (photophobia).
Edoardo Villani, associate professor in Ophthalmology at the University of Milan, explains: Dry eye is a multifactorial pathology of the ocular surface, characterized by a mostly chronic-relapsing symptomsin many cases able to have a significant impact on quality of life and to interfere with numerous daily activities, such as using the computer, driving, reading, and wearing contact lenses. The pathology much more frequent in women than in men, especially after the age of 40-50 – continues the expert –. The Sexual hormones play a significant role and dry eye can significantly influence women’s health both in physiological conditions, such as menopause, and in pathological conditions, such as gynecological or oncological diseases.

Because women are more affected

The fact that it is mostly women who suffer from it, up to four times more than men, is also due to the changes in sexual hormones – explains Professor Antonio Di Zazzo, associate professor of Diseases of the visual system, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico of Rome – . The estrogens and androgensIndeed, influence the production of all components of the tear film, to the point of altering its balance and favoring the onset of dry eyes. Today, thanks to scientific research, the ophthalmologist can diagnose tear film alterations precisely and quicklyhaving cutting-edge diagnostic tools that allow us to quantify tear secretion and evaluate the stability of the tear film and that allow us to identify the most appropriate therapy for each patient in a personalized manner.

The initiative

The Let’s See You Pink awareness initiative, aimed at women and doctors, created in collaboration with numerous ophthalmology centers throughout Italy, with the support of AbbVie, intends to promote greater awareness among women about dry eye disorders; provides, among other things, the distribution of information material in hospital ophthalmology centers and, furthermore, the updating of the various medical figures who follow patients to encourage a multidisciplinary and “feminine” approach to dry eye syndrome.


Dry eye syndrome, among the most ignored and underestimated disorders of modern society, in the most serious cases can lead to a significant impact on one’s life with pain and blurred vision – underlines Professor Rita Mencucci, Ophthalmology Clinic of the Careggi University Hospital in Florence – . It is necessary for women to know that hormonal changes and dry eye may be related. THEn presence of specific symptoms such as burning, foreign body sensation in the eyes, difficulty working for long periods on the computer or driving in the evening,
necessary contact your doctor immediately. The good news, in fact, is that dry eye it can be treated quickly with local therapies
very effective that restore the tear film and allow you to r
reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

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