Swore. The nutri-score changes but not for emblematic Franche-Comté products

Swore.  The nutri-score changes but not for emblematic Franche-Comté products

The nutri-score, which has established itself on our shelves in the space of ten years, became more demanding in January. This index makes it possible to evaluate the composition of a food product on a scale from A (very good) to E (bad). If milk and red meat are impacted by this new calculation, Comté and Franche-Comté sausages remain at the same level.

County resistance

“It’s a non-event for us,” insists Alain Mathieu, president of the Interprofessional County Management Committee (GIGC), “the nutri-score takes into account the salt content and proteins, but not the additives or the ultra-transformation of products”.

Comté is above all a know-how, its recipe is very old and is protected by specifications. “The nutri-score creates more questions than provides information to consumers,” adds Mr. Mathieu, “the protected designation of origin (PDO) remains a reliable indicator for the sustainability and transparency of the product.” Although the nutri-score is not compulsory, it was intended to be a guarantee of recognition on a European scale. According to Blue France many large groups have been fighting the nutri-score for a long time to defend the interests of their agri-food sector.

Quality sausages

Red meat will necessarily be ranked lower than fish or poultry for reasons of public health, again according to Blue France. Jean-François Nicolet, president of the A2M (Association for the defense and promotion of IGP charcuterie & cured meats from Franche-Comté), explains that: “The nutri-score does not favor our products, due to the fat, although that our association promotes animal well-being » Morteau and Montbéliard sausages benefit from IGP (protected geographical indication) identification, a quality product which nevertheless appeals to the most gourmands.

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