Swore. A collective of citizens mobilizes to find doctors

Swore.  A collective of citizens mobilizes to find doctors

7,000 inhabitants, 90 villages. The Petite Montagne health collective has done the counting. Ideally, the territory would need two doctors in Arinthod, two in Val Suran and two in Thoirette. François Renaud, the president, recalls that the departmental average is one general practitioner per 1,250 inhabitants and the national average is one general practitioner per 850 inhabitants.

He continues: “Having numbers in mind is not enough to solve the problem. Patients must also not ignore, despite their greater needs for care, particularly due to aging and new pathologies, that profound changes have been underway in the medical world for several years. They should also be aware that many existing doctors are also on the verge of failure. »

“Regrouped forces”

Initiatives to find doctors have been undertaken by elected officials from several municipalities in the sector, such as Cousance, Val-Suran and Thoirette-Coisia. This local political will was welcomed by the president of the Order of Physicians and elected officials. The director of the association of rural mayors of France (ANMRF) recalls, for his part, the importance of such a “grouped forces” approach. It highlights the experience of solidarity doctors in the Creuse, largely supported by the ANMRF, and supports a desired response in Petite Montagne. But this can only come about in accordance with the Regional Health Agency, which determines the implementation priorities in Burgundy Franche-Comté and provides public funding.

Maintain doctor/patient contact

For the moment, the solutions provided give the impression of increasingly distant management of health problems which should rather be dealt with “nearly”. “Increasing the use of 15 (already saturated), the medicobus, telemedicine or an ephemeral doctors’ office outside the sector, does not reassure human doctor/patient contact,” observes François Renaud.

Target student doctors

A leaflet “Living and caring in Little Mountain”, produced by the collective for the medical world, was presented. It can be distributed in medical student training places. The president appeals to elected officials for the census of medical students in the municipalities and to health professionals for a strategy of contacts with the medical faculties of Besançon, Dijon, Lyon and Bourg-en-Bresse.

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