Standard time 2023, what is the “3-2-1” rule to get used to the time change – WWN

Standard time 2023, what is the “3-2-1” rule to get used to the time change – WWN

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On October 29th the clock will be turned back. One in three people experiences the change as a mini jet leg: preparing in the right way can alleviate the ailments

Applying the 3-2-1 rule can easily help those who suffer from the time change that is upon us: on October 29th, in fact, thewinter time Well yes turn the hands back 60 minutes. A change which, although small, is experienced by 1 in 3 people as a
mini jet lag
which affects one’s well-being. Those who have an alteration of the sleep-wake rhythm suffer most: the “owls”, who prefer to go to bed and wake up later and represent around 20% of the general population, and the “larks”, around 10%, accustomed to going to bed and getting up early, he begins Luigi Ferini Strambifull professor of Neurology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the San Raffaele-Turro Hospital, Milan.

Getting ready to sleep

The 3-2-1 rule bears the signature of M. Safwan Badr, professor and director of the department of Internal Medicine at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. Translated into words it means: stop eating 3 hours before going to bedas digestion can interfere with sleep; stop working 2 hours early And stop using electronic devices such as tablets, phones and computers 1 hour earlier to encourage the production of melatoninthe hormone that induces sleep.

Before curfew

In view of the change of time, but not only, this formula is good because it helps to establish that by a certain time the day ends and work begins. preparation for going to sleepHe says Liborio Parrino, professor of Neurology at the University of Parma and head of the Sleep Center of the Parma hospital. In general, the “curfew” begins at 9pm, it means “slowing down the engine speed” by eliminating the use of electronic devices, watching little TV, speaking in a low voice, not getting angry, emptying your head of commitments and ideas by writing them on a piece of paper. If he doesn’t write them down he continues, even on an unconscious level, to repeat them for fear that they will be erased from memory due to the nightly sleep break, an attitude that does not go well with good rest. For those who have insomnia problems, protect yourself one hour before 9pm by wearing sunglasses to avoid interference between natural or artificial light and the production of melatonin. Remedy also indicated for those who take melatonin because it has been seen that light can interfere not only with endogenous light, therefore produced by the body, but also with exogenous light. In reality, the ideal would be to stop changing the time every six months.

Little or too much sleep

To feel good, most of us need an average amount of sleep seven hours. Scientific literature shows how sleep disorders can predispose to health problems such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Cognitive functions such as attention and reaction times. And, we read in the scientific journal Sleep, it also affects our mood because we become more frustrated and irritable. Previously it was thought that the health repercussions depended only on sleep deprivation, but now it is known that they can be of concern even those who sleep too much, specifies Parrino. In fact, it is seen that if you sleep 7 hours you have little risk of suffering from hypertensionof cardiovascular problems, of hypercholesterolemia you hate diabetes; if you sleep less than 5 hours or more than 10 you run a higher risk.

Light as soon as you wake up

The return to solar time occurs at a time when the consequences of a sleep-wake rhythm altered by the “anarchy” of the holiday are still being felt. Starting to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends, is the best way to restore and respect circadian rhythms. Furthermore, it is advisable expose yourself to light – even artificial – just get up for prevent the release of melatoninas well as starting with good physical activity to increase the
the good mood hormone says Ferini Strambi.


Creating a ritual before bedtime helps you sleep well, such as brushing your teeth and then relaxing by reading, practicing deep breathing, listening to gentle music or podcasts. If you don’t fall asleep within half an hour, get up otherwise the brain links the sleep disorder to the bed, continue with your relaxing activities and go to bed again as soon as you feel drowsy. If you opt for reading, keep several books on the bedside table and, in case of insomnia, choose the least compelling one because for some the risk of waking up is even greater. Finally, if you use your cell phone alarm, don’t put your smartphone on the bedside table.

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