Solidarity. The Ain Lions Club donates €15,000 to hospitals in the region

Solidarity.  The Ain Lions Club donates €15,000 to hospitals in the region

“Altruism, ethics, generosity, friendship, commitments, actions that promote the gift of oneself, through humanist and philanthropic actions, this is the basis of the Lions Club,” underlines the president, Denis Bouvier. Tuesday evening this club, located in the historic city of Pérouges, donated the sums raised during the traditional sale of Tulips against Cancer, in 2023.

Marc Raynal, member of the Lions Club, explains the approach: “Since 2009, in a field lent by the municipality and a farmer, on the outskirts of the city, the members of the club under the leadership of our manager, Jean-Paul Routex, have been planting more 50,000 tulip bulbs of different species in autumn. These tulips will bloom in spring. From then on, there are around ten of us every morning, harvesting the flowers in buds, putting them in bunches and offering them for sale to individuals on site. There is no limit, just a minimum of 10 euros per bunch. Lasting from three weeks to a month, the sale brings us around 15,000 euros in profits which we donate to hospitals to help in the fight against cancer.

Funds for cancer services

The Institute of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, IHOPE in Lyon, a joint HCL and CLB structure, received the sum of 3,600 euros. “In the past, I discovered fun, colorful and modular infusion stands to allow the children being treated to move around. We will use this amount to launch the change of our traditional infusion stands,” indicates Dr. Benoit Dumont. For the radiotherapy department of the Fleyriat hospital in Bourg-en-Bresse, “a sum of 5,000 euros which will supplement the 70,000 euros for the purchase of essential software, with artificial intelligence to optimize treatments and treatment in charge of our patients,” announces Dr. Karahissarlian.

Recurring actions of the Lions Club

“Our common thread is to recover, process and classify some 35,000 pairs of used glasses for the needs of developing countries. There is also our collection of products for the BB of Restos du Cœur, the wine fair for Alzheimer’s, and new this year, a walk on May 5 around the town of Pérouges, Move for the Planet, the funds raised from which will go to an environmental protection project”, conclude the members of the Lions Club, Marc Raynal and Denis Bouvier.

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