Shortage of amoxicillin: deliveries “in progress”, the medicines agency reassuring

Shortage of amoxicillin: deliveries “in progress”, the medicines agency reassuring

It has become rare in pharmacies since this fall. The Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) wanted to reassure Tuesday in the face of amoxicillin supply tensionsa very common antibiotic, but deliveries of which are “in progress to wholesale distributors”.

“Boxes of amoxicillin and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid are being delivered to wholesale distributors, who will ensure equitable distribution of them throughout the territory,” writes the ANSM in a press release. “If amoxicillin-based medications are not available, it is always possible for pharmacists to directly deliver a compounded preparation (made for a given patient, according to a medical prescription, Editor’s note) suitable for children under 12 years of age. », underlines the ANSM.

Already a shortage in 2022

In mid-December, the agency noted that the situation regarding the availability of amoxicillin continued to deteriorate, particularly for the drinkable forms used in pediatrics. It was then noted, following a meeting with the players in the drug chain (industrialists, depositaries, wholesale distributors, community and hospital pharmacists), that the manufacturers released their stocks and immediately put them in the disposal. available to wholesale distributors so that they can distribute them equitably to pharmacies across the country.

At the request of the government, the stakeholders committed, in a non-binding charter signed in November, to ensuring better distribute the distribution of antibiotics to guarantee access to patients this winter.

France had known last winter an episode of particularly severe shortages of certain medications including amoxicillin, which had been very difficult to find for many weeks, particularly in its version for children.

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