Shingles, when is it best to get the vaccine?

Shingles, when is it best to get the vaccine?


Is it necessary to have the shingles vaccine at the same time as the pneumococcal and influenza vaccine? Or can it also be done individually? Is there a period better than others?

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the anti-zoster vaccine can be administered alone or in co-administration with the influenza or pneumococcal vaccine. However, having different types of vaccines available for zoster, influenza and pneumococcal, it will be the vaccinating doctor who will evaluate the individual combination.

The herpes zoster vaccine (as well as the pneumococcal vaccine) can be administered at any time of the year, unlike the flu vaccine which has very specific administration times, linked to the seasonality of the disease.

*Giulia Ciancarella is a general practitioner at SIMG Rome

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