See the bright eyes again…

See the bright eyes again…

  The passage of time is an irresistible natural law, but as we age, the skin will slowly become sagging, and the same is true for the skin around the eyes. Loose and droopy eyelid skin will gradually block vision and bring a lot of inconvenience to life.

  78The 20-year-old Uncle Jiang was originally a craft designer who loved calligraphy and was very sensitive to color and aesthetics. However, as he grew older, cataracts and sagging eyelid skin gradually affected Uncle Jiang’s vision, making the eyes that create beauty become blurred. As a layer of mist fell, half of the window was closed.

  2023Mr. Jiang came to Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital for cataract surgery and was finally able to enjoy the beauty of a clear world. However, the sagging of the skin around his eyes continued to worsen, and it was very inconvenient to use a hand to pull the eyelids or look up to see. The originally clear field of vision seemed to have half a window closed. Uncle Jiang said: “I had cataracts before and I couldn’t see clearly, so I didn’t care about drooping eyelids. Now my eyesight is better. I have to look up when watching TV. When the nurse checks my eyes, she has to use cotton swabs to pull up my eyelids. It’s so inconvenient and I don’t know what to do.”

  Out of trust in Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, Uncle Jiang came to the hospital again to seek help. Under the arrangement of Dean Cao Xiangrong of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, Uncle Jiang found Dr. Lu Yingying of the Orbital Plastic Surgery Department.

  Dr. Lu is engaged in clinical work in ophthalmology10For more than 10 years, he has been good at diagnosing and treating various common ophthalmic diseases, and has superb medical skills. He especially has rich clinical experience in blepharoplasty, correction of eyelid skin laxity, entropion, trichiasis, ectropion, and ptosis correction. It has been recognized and praised by many patients. Based on Uncle Jiang’s eye condition, Dr. Lu formulated a personalized surgical plan and performed eyelid skin laxity correction surgery. The half window blocking the uncle’s eyes was finally opened, and the problem that had troubled Uncle Jiang for many years was finally solved.

  Uncle Jiang said excitedly during the interview:“Thank you Dr. Lu for performing the surgery on me. Now I finally don’t have to look up or lift my eyelids with my hands. I can blink very flexibly. Dr. Lu is not only superb in medical skills, but also a kind-hearted person. After the surgery, Dr. Lu often I asked my wife about my postoperative condition. I can continue to practice calligraphy every day. Thanks to Dr. Lu and Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital.”

  Dr. Lu said,“The eye is like a camera. The cataract doctor is responsible for repairing the parts in the camera, and the oculoplastic surgeon is responsible for opening the lens cover of the camera. Sagging eyelid skin is a normal phenomenon of aging. Many elderly people will encounter the same problem. If it is seriously affected The visual function should be treated through surgery as soon as possible to avoid a series of problems such as wrestling from affecting daily life.”

  It is understood that Dr. Lu Yingying helps many elderly patients lift their heavy eyelids every year and see the brighter world again. She is deeply recognized and praised by middle-aged and elderly friends. Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital will continue to improve the patient medical experience with high-quality medical services and carefully protect the window of every patient’s soul.

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