Sanofi invests 20 million euros in Lisieux to boost its production of Doliprane

Sanofi invests 20 million euros in Lisieux to boost its production of Doliprane

Doliprane continues to record head-spinning sales. The famous paracetamol-based drug caused panic on the counters during the Covid crisis and it continues to ride on a buoyant dynamic. So much so that Sanofi, its producer, will invest 20 million euros on the Lisieux site, the only one with the Compiègne factory to manufacture Doliprane.

This sum will notably allow Sanofi to purchase a granulator and thus increase its production by 140 million boxes per year. Enough to meet a real industrial need because in 2022, with Covid, but also flu and bronchiolitis, the company broke its record with Doliprane: 424 million boxes produced, compared to 350 million on average before the coronavirus.

Around twenty recruitments at stake

The Lexovian factory produces exclusively Doliprane. In 2020, just after Emmanuel Macron’s first speech at the start of the epidemic, the site managed to increase its activity, noting “never before seen” demand. Sanofi says today that it will “maintain a high level of production by increasing the manufacturing and stocks of the most requested forms (1 g, 500 mg and pediatric) for this winter”.

To maintain this dynamic, Sanofi invests four million euros annually in its industrial facilities. The new granulator will be operational for winter 2025. Material prospects to be coupled with hiring: around twenty recruitments are planned over the next two years. Positions, currently temporary, should be converted into permanent jobs.

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