salaries that do not change and deep weariness

salaries that do not change and deep weariness

28 cents. In thirteen years of seniority at Sainte-Marie hospital in Puy-en-Velay, this employee saw his index point increase from 4.30 euros to 4.58 euros, “an almost zero increase” . And he is not the only one in this situation.

For a reassessment of the index grid

So Thursday, November 16 in the morning, the strike picket set up by the inter-union CGT, FO, CFE-CGC took on its full meaning, especially since the FEHAP (Federation of establishments hospitals and private solidarity personal assistance) which defines itself as “the reference in the private solidarity health, social and medico-social fields” is holding its congress at the same time. “Everywhere in France, there are actions of this type. Everywhere, we demand that FEHAP reassess salary scales now and not forever. »

And the union representatives clarified: “We know that they are waiting to be able to merge the different collective agreements that govern us but before achieving this, it may take a long time. The employees affected cannot wait. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that certain professions which required obtaining diplomas after specific studies and training are below the minimum wage! And that there needs to be a catch-up so that the salary is a little more decent. »

According to members of the inter-union, this problem concerns nearly 40% of employees at the Ponot site.

No more “interest in working for Sainte-Marie”

Furthermore, “as working in our structures is no longer interesting, we are seeing difficulties in recruiting and numerous resignations. At the same time we understand. Between working for 1,600 euros in non-profit private health and working for 2,000 euros in the for-profit private sector, when in addition it is not very far from home, the choice is quick. »

And added: “There was a time when in Sainte-Marie, we had interesting agreements. The era is over. Now, everything is leveled down, management should not be surprised not to keep its employees. ” What’s the next step ? “On December 6, we have an appointment with the Regional Health Agency (ARS). »

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