Roanne. Strike at the hospital against new management of schedules

Roanne.  Strike at the hospital against new management of schedules

This Monday, a strike called by the CGT is underway at the Roanne hospital center against a change in the management of schedules. The participation rate for the strike is not yet known. Several strikers were requisitioned by the management of the establishment.

At 9 a.m., nearly 80 agents came out onto the establishment square to protest against a new management of schedules proposed by management through the implementation of work frameworks. These frames are intended to plan the agents’ work cycles over several months to improve the organization of each service.

“We got a reprieve”

“There are places where the implementation of frames is going very well like at the Renaison clinic, except that there, they announce that they want to continue to give work schedules on the 15th of the month which can be modified by relationship to frames,” laments Clémence Danjoux, for the CGT. “Management sold the framework project by promising visibility. But in these conditions, the agents do not have any. To have it, you have to have a schedule identical to the plot.”

This new organization was to be submitted to the CSE on December 19, “but following the strike notice, we obtained a reprieve and the project will only be presented for information, and no longer for opinion”.

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