Reunion: a case of imported cholera detected, the ARS considers the spread of the disease “very unlikely”

Reunion: a case of imported cholera detected, the ARS considers the spread of the disease “very unlikely”


Should we fear an epidemic? A case of cholera imported has been declared to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of The meeting Wednesday, the public body announced this Thursday, which however considers “very unlikely” a spread of the disease on the island. The sick person had recently stayed in India, the same source said.

“As soon as the case was confirmed and in order to avoid any spread of the disease, precautionary measures were put in place at the hospital,” specify the health authorities. Given the good health conditions on the island, the ARS considers that “the spread of this disease to The meeting is very unlikely.”

A case already recorded in Mayotte

Outbreaks of cholera have been detected in recent weeks in East African countries, particularly in the Comoros. This Tuesday, a first case was confirmed in Mayotte. It was a person coming from the neighboring Comoros and arriving clandestinely in the Mahorais archipelago, according to the prefecture of the French department. “Our response strategy enabled its rapid detection and treatment. All measures are being taken to stop the spread,” Minister Delegate for Overseas Marie Guévenoux noted on X (ex-Twitter) this Wednesday.

Cholera is an acute bacterial digestive infection mainly manifested by diarrhea and vomiting. The bacteria is transmitted through contaminated water or food and dirty hands. “Most cases show few or no symptoms,” note health authorities. However, some people develop severe complications linked to intense dehydration caused by diarrhea.

“Severe forms of cholera particularly affect people living in precarious hygienic conditions, in a situation of malnutrition and without access to drinking water,” indicates the ARS. The last case of cholera imported to Reunion dates back to 2022 and concerned a person coming from the Middle East, according to the same source.


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