Resumption of the flu epidemic: the vaccination campaign extended by one month

Resumption of the flu epidemic: the vaccination campaign extended by one month

In his weekly report, Public health France deplores an intensification of the flu epidemic. As a result, the vaccination campaign against the virus is extended by one month, reports AFP.

Indicators on the rise

” All of the indicators were rising sharply in community medicine and in hospitals in all age groups” between January 22 and 28, notes SPF in its latest report. Overseas, the epidemic continues in Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique but has ended in Mayotte.

Extended vaccination campaign

Originally scheduled until January 31, the vaccination campaign is finally extended until February 29. It targets in particular people aged 65 and over as well as people who are vulnerable due to other pathologies.

“In this context, being vaccinated against the flu remains essential and the use of vaccination against Covid-19 must continue in accordance with the recommendations in force,” advises Public Health France.

Decline in other epidemics

The two other major respiratory epidemics, bronchiolitis and Covid, are decreasing or stabilizing, notes the report. Bronchiolitis no longer concerns any region in mainland France – although some areas remain at a post-epidemic stage. This winter, respiratory infection will not have reached the exceptional level measured during the 2022-2023 season.

The “end” of the Covid epidemic is more difficult to observe. With the virus acting in waves since its inception in France in 2020, it is difficult to know whether the stabilization, or even the decline in indicators, reflects an end to the spread.

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Public Health France still points to the fact that “positivity rates have decreased in the city and in hospitals”, encouraging trends, marks of the end of winter. “The systematic adoption of barrier gestures by everyone remains important, in particular the wearing of a mask in the event of symptoms, in busy places and in the presence of people at risk, hand washing and regular ventilation of enclosed places”, recommends SPF .

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