Response from TTB to Minister Koca’s statements

Response from TTB to Minister Koca’s statements

TTB received a harsh response from Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, whose expressions and hand gestures while explaining the migration of doctors abroad during the budget discussions in the parliament were widely discussed.

Response from TTB to Minister Koca's statements

Minister of Health Fahrettin KocaIt was revealed that the request letter, which he mentioned with the words “We requested the data from TTB” during his speech about the immigration of doctors abroad during the budget discussions in the Parliament three days ago, reached TTB today.

In the statement made by TTB, “Good conduct certificates reflect the transparency you show in our data. Ministry of Health“We also expect from ‘” it was said.


Recalling Koca’s words during the budget negotiations, the statement said, “The Minister of Health’s claim that doctors prioritized economic reasons for going abroad during the Parliamentary budget discussions and expressing this claim in a shameful way hurt all doctors.”


The statement also included the Minister’s statement that 1,359 people applied to get a good conduct certificate from the ministry, only 450 of them went abroad, and Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) were at the top of the list of preferred countries. :
*First of all, it should be noted that; In order to practice medicine abroad, various documents can be obtained from the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) or the Ministry of Health. As expected, many countries that care about the ethical background of physicians only accept the ‘good conduct certificate’ issued by TTB.

*The importance of which document is given may vary from country to country. Therefore, the countries mentioned by the Minister (Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar) may be satisfied with the documents provided by the Ministry of Health.

*What is certain; When we add the number given by the minister to the number of good conduct certificates that we update and share at the beginning of each month as TTB, and the number of physicians working outside their profession abroad, the phenomenon of immigration reaches much more striking dimensions.


Pointing out that many data requested by TTB, especially the data of the pandemic period, were hidden by the Ministry, TTB also announced that they will share their data transparently. The following statements were included in the statement:

*We, as TTB; We state that we are always in favor of openness and transparency, that we have done and will do our part, and that we are ready to share any data regarding good conduct documents transparently – provided that it complies with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

*It is pointed out that the letter of the Ministry of Health requesting information about good conduct certificates reached our institution only today (November 13, 2023), and we need to provide the necessary information – again to comply with KVKK and name etc. We state that we will share it both with them and with the public, provided that we do not share any personal information.

*The Ministry of Health, which did not share the data regarding the epidemic in a healthy and transparent manner even during the pandemic period and did not forward the violence data to the TTB despite the court orders, should be treated with the same sensitivity; Instead of humiliating physicians, we invite them to come up with real data and problems and find solutions as soon as possible.

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