Pure water, natural water, mineral water…

Pure water, natural water, mineral water…


According to the Dongguan CDC WeChat public account, water is the source of life, and all physiological activities and biochemical reactions of the human body need to be completed with the participation of water. The daily physiological water requirement of adults is about 2.5-3L, and the water intake through drinking water accounts for about 1/2. We can see many water products in supermarkets, such as purified water, distilled water, mineral water, soda water… What are the differences between them? Which water is more suitable for you?

What are the differences between different aquatic products? Water in nature is called natural water. Natural water contains dissolved substances, colloidal substances, suspended substances and other impurities. They interact and together determine the characteristics of natural water. This type of water source is easily contaminated and is not recommended for direct drinking. Natural water can become a variety of water sources for our daily drinking through different production processes.

Mineral water/mineral water are both water containing minerals that help provide the body with essential trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. Of course, daily food is the main source of mineral supplements.

Distilled water/purified water are collectively referred to as drinking purified water. The characteristics and essence of water are the same, that is, most of the minerals in the water have been removed. The biggest advantage of purified water and distilled water is safety, and safety is the basis of health. In heavily polluted areas, drinking purified water or distilled water is the safest compared to other water treatment processes or equipment.

Boiled water is currently considered the most suitable drinking water for human body needs, and it is clean and sterile. After boiling, the water quality and water hardness are improved and it contains the right amount of minerals, making it the most economical and healthy drink.

What kind of water is best to drink every day? Dongguan CDC reminds that the two most important points of drinking water are safety and sufficient quantity. Under the premise of meeting these two requirements, the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2022” recommends drinking plain water or tea, and drinking less or no sugary drinks. Beverages cannot be used instead of water.

The “Guide” specifically explains that white water refers to tap water, filtered and purified drinking water, boiled white water, bottled water, packaged drinking purified water, natural mineral water and other types of drinking water.

From the perspective of long-term drinking, plain water is enough! Today’s tap water purification systems have become mature, and the chlorine contained in it will be eliminated after boiling. At the same time, the mineral content in boiled water is moderate. Unless the water quality in the area is very poor, the color changes, etc., boiled water is the best choice.

Next is pure water. For example, bottled water delivered to your door, bottled water picked up from drinking water stations in the community, etc. are also suitable for long-term drinking.

Natural water contains minerals that have minimal impact on the human body and is easily contaminated. It is not recommended to drink it.

Bottled water should generally not be stored for more than 7 days, because it is susceptible to bacterial contamination if it is left standing for a long time after opening. If you drink it directly, it may affect your health. It can be removed by boiling.

How to drink an appropriate amount of water in daily life? In mild climate conditions, the appropriate daily water intake for adult men with low physical activity levels is 1700ml; for women, the appropriate daily water intake is 1500ml. You should take the initiative to drink water, small amounts and often. Drink water at any time of the day, 1 cup each time, each cup is about 200ml. You can drink 1 glass of water in the morning and evening, and a glass of water every 1 to 2 hours at other times. It is recommended that the appropriate temperature of drinking water is between 10 and 40°C.


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