Professor Min Hanyi officially joins Aier Ophthalmology

Professor Min Hanyi officially joins Aier Ophthalmology


  3moon12On September 1, Professor Min Hanyi, a member of the Blindness Prevention Group of the Chinese Medical Association’s Ophthalmology Branch, the chairman of the Vision and Ophthalmology Professional Committee of the China Primary Health Care Foundation, and a member of the Evidence-Based Group of the Chinese Medical Association’s Ophthalmology Branch, officially joined AIER Ophthalmology as a new employee. TianjinlandDistrict Vice President.The joining of Professor Min Hanyi will not only inject new strength into the high-quality development of Aier Ophthalmology, but will also boost the development of Aier Ophthalmology Tianjin.landThe level of ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment in the district has reached a new level.

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  Professor Min Hanyi1995Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Sun Yat-sen Medical University in 2011. He received master’s and doctoral degrees from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College. He is chief physician, doctoral supervisor, executive director and director-general of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Beijing Medical Doctors Association, and the fifth session of the Beijing Medical Doctors Association. Board member,CMDAHe is a member of the Visual Restoration Special Committee of the Nerve Restoration Professional Committee, a member of the Fourth Medical Appraisal Expert Database of the Chinese Medical Association, and a member of the National Health Emergency Response Guidance Expert Database.

  He has been engaged in ophthalmic care, teaching and scientific research at Peking Union Medical College Hospital for more than 30 years.Specialized in various types of cataract surgery; external retinal detachment surgery, myopia related surgeryposterior scleral reinforcement;various typesretinal glassbodyOperationSuch as diabetic retinopathy, macular schisis,Anterior and posterior segment reconstruction surgery for ocular trauma;Complex anterior and posterior segment combined surgery; subretinal gene drug injection to treat subretinal hemorrhage and various genetic retinal diseases.especially toDifficult fundus diseasesDiagnosis and treatmentHave extensive clinical experience.

  Participated in a number of projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Doctoral Program Fund of the Ministry of Education. Over the years, he has published papers at home and abroad.40The remaining articles, co-editor10Yu’s professional books on ophthalmology and editor-in-chief’s monograph3These books are respectively “Diagnostic Atlas of Common Eye Diseases”, “Stereoscopic Atlas of Fundus Diseases”, and “Diagnostic Atlas of Common Eye Diseases”.Stereo Atlas of vitreoretinal diseases》.8Participated in the Ministry of Health’s Health Express Train Hospital’s Cataract Surgery Poverty Alleviation Bright Action for the first time and was awardedambassador of lighttitle.

  Remarkable achievements in clinical work Academic research continues to innovate

  Medicine is endless and its pursuit is endless. Over the years, Professor Min Hanyi has always adhered to the clinical front line, devoted himself to academic research, insisted on paying equal attention to clinical and scientific research, studied hard, and constantly innovated.Professor Min Hanyi took the lead in designing a new, easy-to-operateGoreTex IOLScleropexy, an innovative intraocular lens (IOL) Suspension;For the first time in the world, retinal hemangioma suture ligation was carried out to perform tissue suturing and ligation in a small eye, showing its exquisite skills and never-ending pursuit; subretinal injection was carried out earlier in China to treat subretinal hemorrhage, and subretinal gene injection was Drug treatment of various congenital retinal degenerative diseases;rightVarious macular diseases, such as macular holes, anterior membrane,He has profound academic attainments in scientific and medical research on high myopia, traction maculopathy, severe eye trauma, vitreoretinopathy, complex retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, fundus vascular diseases, children’s fundus diseases, etc.

  Cultivate medical ethics on yourself, apply benevolence to others, use care at the beginning, and accept the light later“,This is the motto of Professor Min Hanyi.As an ophthalmologist, it is my duty to protect the light. We need innovation, progress, development, and results that benefit mankind. I hope to do my best to help more people protect the light.It is precisely decades of persistence and perseverance that have enabled Professor Min Hanyi to achieve excellent medical ethics and superb medical skills, win the trust and love of patients, and gain the recognition and respect of his peers.

  Join hands with AIER Ophthalmology Create a new chapter in the development of ophthalmology

  Regarding joining AIER Ophthalmology, Professor Min Hanyi said:“As a leading medical group with global influence, I am very honored to join Aier Ophthalmology and work with my ophthalmology colleagues to seek new breakthroughs in clinical, teaching, scientific research and other aspects. Strictly control Aier Ophthalmology TianjinlandThe medical safety and medical quality of the three hospitals in the district have been improved, and department construction has been strengthened in an all-round way. Fundus disease is the last bottom line to protect vision, and we will do our best to support and guarantee the backup force for diagnosis and treatment.

  At AIER Ophthalmology TianjinlandDuring the district’s welcoming ceremony for Professor Min Hanyi’s appointment, Ms. Wang Lihua, Vice President of AIER Ophthalmology Group, announced the appointment decision. AIER Ophthalmology TianjinlanddistrictCEOMr. Li Jie, AIER Ophthalmology TianjinlandDistrict Vice President Professor Hua Xia, Tianjin University Aier Eye HospitalCEOMs. Yuan Juan, Mr. Cao Xiangrong, Honorary President of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, and Baodi Aier Eye Hospital and Wuqing Aier Eye HospitalCEOMr. Li Zhe and Ms. Zhang Shuang, President of Wuqing Aier Eye Hospital, expressed their gratitude to Professor Min Hanyi as the director of Aier Eye Hospital Tianjin.landThe deputy president of the district expressed welcome. Ms. Zhu Lina, vice president of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, Ms. Zhao Bo, vice president, and department heads attended the welcome ceremony.Professor Min Hanyi joins Aier Ophthalmology TianjinlandThe district has injected new strength to create the second glory of the ophthalmology industry through cultural integration, giving full play to its strengths to promote AIER Ophthalmology TianjinlandIn terms of regional development, the district has taken clinical, teaching, and scientific research to a higher level, promoted the development of fundus disease disciplines, solidly promoted the integrated development of medical teaching and research, provided patients with better ophthalmic medical services, and led the development of fundus diseases to a new level. Create a new chapter in diagnosis and treatment.

  Educate talents with science and build the future with innovation.AIER Ophthalmology TianjinlandThe district will continue to build an eye health diagnosis and treatment system to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development of ophthalmic medical services, gather more high-level experts at home and abroad, accelerate development, and protect the light for every pair of eyes with high-level scientific research results and medical quality. , igniting hope for every life.


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