Private clinics and hospitals call for “total strike” from June 3

Private clinics and hospitals call for “total strike” from June 3


Private clinics and hospitals soon to be shut down? This Wednesday, the Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) calls on private sector health establishments to go on “total strike” from June 3, in order to “save their establishments”.

“Meeting as an exceptional executive committee, the Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) has decided, in conjunction with all the unions of private doctors, to react to the shock caused” by the government announcements on the 2024 prices, with “a strike “total”, except vital activities such as dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, indicated the FHP in a statement. This concerns 1,030 establishments and more than 200,000 professionals, including 40,000 private doctors.

This call for strike aims to denounce hospital pricing for 2024. The government plans, in this context, a 0.3% increase in the prices of private establishments, compared to a 4.3% increase for private establishments. public hospitals.

“This decision with disastrous consequences, taken without any consultation with players in the sector, aggravates an already critical situation, where charges increase exponentially while prices remain insufficient to ensure viable management of establishments,” denounces the FHP in its communicated.

” In danger “

“Through its extremely serious choices, the government is putting at risk private clinics and hospitals which represent 35% of hospital activity with only 18% of health insurance expenditure for health establishments. Their crucial role in the local territorial network guarantees access to care for millions of French people, but this mission is today compromised by political decisions of unprecedented violence,” she continues.

A few days before this call for strike, three giants of private clinics, Elsan, Ramsay and Vivalto asked the government to “ review your copy “. “We collectively ask to be received and listened to” by the Ministry of Health, declared Sébastien Proto, president of Elsan.

“The FHP expresses its desire to file all possible forms of legal recourse nationally and with each health establishment to confront this injustice and restore equity,” the press release concludes.


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