“Prevention plays a major role”

“Prevention plays a major role”

How can we raise awareness among the general public and more particularly among men about the prevention and screening of male cancers? A team of girls, made up of Rosa Leites, photographer, Audrey Chassaigne, hairdresser, Céline Agrain, makeup artist and Isabelle Hostin, communications manager, found an original solution: carry out a photo shoot and show the photos during a exhibition entitled “We all fight the same fight”.

The Blue November campaign has not yet entered people’s minds

So, during the month of November , on the occasion of the “Blue November” operation, 19 portraits of men can be discovered in the hall of the town hall. The photo session took place in the premises of Velay Precision, partner of the operation. “We met sympathetic and empathetic role models, some of whom were affected by cancer. Everyone was very motivated by the cause,” explain the organizers.

If “Pink October” has rhymed for years with the communication campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer screening, the “Blue November” campaign has not yet entered people’s minds and it is still difficult for men to talk about the prostate and testicular cancer.

In addition, there is not yet organized screening for these typically male diseases.

“Prevention plays a major role”

“Prevention plays a major role and talking about it to those around you is essential to lift the taboo linked to men’s health, including in the professional sphere,” said Deputy Mayor Catherine Chalaye on Thursday during the opening.

The exhibition will then travel to Haute-Loire, notably to Brioude and Yssingeaux.

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