Pollen allergies: a large part of France on red alert at the beginning of April

Pollen allergies: a large part of France on red alert at the beginning of April


Red alert. Much of France was placed on Tuesday in “high risk” for pollen by the national aerobiological monitoring network (RNSA). “The pollens are out at the beginning of April thanks to spring weather, in particular those from birch which will be responsible for a high risk of allergies in many departments north of a Bordeaux-Grenoble line”, indicates the RNSA on his website.

68 departments in the north and east of the country are affected by this maximum alert. 25 departments are classified in yellow for “medium” risk, and only Ariège, Haute-Garonne, and Hautes-Pyrénées are in green.

Air pollution, an aggravating factor

The RNSA had planned the start of the birch pollen season in a large northern half of the country for March 23. It should continue until the end of April, with significant concentrations during “beautiful sunny days”. “During this period, episodes of air pollution may exacerbate the symptoms of allergy sufferers,” the organization warned in a press release.

In addition to birch, “ash and plane tree pollens are spread throughout the territory with a risk of allergy of low to medium level for plane trees and low to high level for ash trees,” warns the RNSA. For grasses, a low to moderate risk is observed on the west facade. Finally, “in the South-East, the mixture of pollens from Cupressaceae (cypress, etc.), oak, plane tree and parietaceae (urticaceae) will give a high risk of allergy in several departments”, warns the organization, which invites allergic people to respect some precautionary measures – rinse your hair in the evening, air out your home, etc. – to alleviate their symptoms,

The RNSA has 80 pollen sensors distributed throughout the territory. It is also based on analyzes by botanists and feedback from allergist doctors.


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