[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]There may be a high risk of bladder cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer…

[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]There may be a high risk of bladder cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer…

Text ◆ Su Ziqian (clinical oncology specialist/TCM physician)

(Hong Kong News) According to the British royal family, Charles accidentally discovered cancer while undergoing surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The cancer was not prostate cancer, but the British government stressed that Charles had “early stage cancer.”

So what cancer is Charles most likely to have? According to the author’s inference, there are three possibilities.

Bladder lesions discovered during surgery

The first is bladder cancer. When performing benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery, generally urologists will perform an endoscope through the urethra and then into the bladder after passing through the prostate. At the same time, they will observe whether there are any lesions in the bladder. Or maybe during this procedure, a tumor in the bladder was accidentally discovered.

Bladder tumors are generally divided into two types:

The most common is epithelial cell carcinoma (urothelial cell carcinoma).

There are two types of tumors:

One group is non-invaded muscle layer (NMIBC)

The other type has invaded the muscle layer (MIBC).

If it is the first type, the condition is mild because the tumor is only a layer of mucous membrane in the bladder. Tumor resection can generally be performed using endoscopic cystoscopy. After resection, depending on the risk, a period of BCG bladder therapy may be required, or cystoscopy may need to be performed multiple times and reviewed regularly. Because the disease has not penetrated the muscle layer, there is almost no risk of spreading. However, some patients may relapse and need endoscopic resection again.

The second type is already invading the muscle layer. The traditional approach requires surgery to remove the entire bladder and build a new urethra, or radical treatment with chemical and electrotherapy. After the disease invades the muscle layer, it is not enough to just remove it with cystoscopy, because when the disease penetrates the muscle layer, the chance of developing and spreading again will increase.

Therefore, before surgery or radiotherapy, traditional chemotherapy is given to suitable patients three times to shrink cancer cells and reduce the chance of spreading.

Bladder cancer is more common in the elderly

Studies have shown that it can increase survival rates compared to surgery or electrotherapy alone. In the past two years, it has been found that the combined use of targeted drugs ADC and immunotherapy is more effective than chemotherapy for bladder cancer.

Preliminary research has now found that using this combination for treatment before surgery or radiotherapy may be better than traditional three doses of chemotherapy.

Bladder cancer generally occurs in older patients and is related to smoking. But Charles himself does not have the habit of smoking regularly. Some bladder cancers are also related to long-term bladder inflammation caused by long-term obstruction of the urethra (for example, urethral obstruction caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia).

The second possibility is that he has lung cancer. Although he is not a smoker, there are currently some genetically mutated lung cancers that can occur in non-smokers. However, this condition is more common among Asians and has a lower chance in 75-year-old white people. It may also be a relatively early stage. Lung cancer was accidentally discovered during a pre-operative X-ray examination.

Early-stage lung cancer can be cured by surgical resection or stereotactic radiotherapy. However, according to news reports, Charles needs to go to the hospital regularly for outpatient treatment. It seems that it is not early-stage lung cancer that can be removed by simple surgery.

The third type is colorectal cancer, which is more common in Western society. It is possible that Charles discovered symptoms of changes in his stool when he went to the hospital for examination. Generally, early-stage colorectal cancer is surgically removed first. If it is rectal cancer, electrotherapy will be performed first and then surgery.

Most mid-stage cancers can be cured

Since Charles started treatment on Monday, it is reported that he will need to regularly visit a clinic or hospital in London for regular treatment. It seems that he should go to the hospital for some injectable treatment such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy. No matter what kind of cancer he got, his disease was not something that could be removed with one operation, and the royal family immediately summoned other royal members to meet with Charles.

From this it seems that the condition is not very early stage cancer as reported. Having said that, many middle-stage cancers can now be cured thanks to advances in treatment technology. Plus Charles should have top medical experts treating him. I hope he can be treated smoothly, return to normal work as soon as possible, and recover as soon as possible.

King Charles of England.

High in salt and fat

Patients should not eat instant noodles

I often advise patients that it is best to eat less or even less instant noodles or cup noodles. The Consumer Council just released a nutritional survey on different instant noodles and found that the salt and fat content of many of them have far exceeded their expectations. Exceeds the recommended daily limit for body absorption.

So what will be the impact on the body if we eat instant noodles regularly?

To be honest, I believe many people also like to eat the Dan Dan Noodles and Satay Beef Noodles in the tea restaurant. But these instant noodles generally have several problems.

First, most of these instant noodles are fried noodles, so the fat content will be higher than other noodles. And most of these are unsaturated fats. Eating too much will cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, visceral fat and a series of diseases such as diabetes. In addition, most of these instant noodles come with a packet of seasoning powder or even spicy powder. Most of these unnatural seasonings contain many chemicals, and too much salt can cause high blood pressure and kidney disease in the body.

Strong-flavored foods cause heat poisoning

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, these seasonings have a greater impact on the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the paste has a thick flavor. Kuwei refers to something with a strong flavor. Everything that tastes delicious generates heat. If the heat accumulates too much, it will become a heat poison. Many diseases of modern people are caused by various heat toxins. For example, diabetes is caused by gastrointestinal hotness. Most patients with various types of eczema, psoriasis or long-term rubella have heat toxins accumulating in the body.

In addition, cancer patients, especially lung cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer, are more likely to be caused by the accumulation of different heat toxins. Therefore, based on TCM analysis of the causes of these diseases, I generally advise patients with abnormal or above-mentioned diseases to reduce strong-flavored foods as much as possible.

Just think about it, traditional Japanese ramen in Japan requires a lot of pork bones to make the soup base, but the instant ramen you make at home can use a packet of seasoning powder to create a stronger flavor than traditional pork bones. The taste of the product is really amazing.

People who are used to eating these instant noodles usually feel that if they use ordinary macaroni, spaghetti or noodles at home, the taste is not enough and they feel very bland and unpalatable. This is because the body has adapted to strong-smelling foods. However, if a person has not eaten instant noodles for a long time and suddenly eats them once, he will find them too salty and may suffer from headaches, itchy skin and other reactions. It has been said in the past that this is the body’s response to detoxification. Just because you are used to eating it and feel that there is no problem at all does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. Having tolerance does not necessarily mean that the body is fine, but that the body cannot produce the power to fight against detoxification.

It is recommended to choose healthy pasta

On the other hand, there are actually a lot of fresh noodles available in Hong Kong, which are healthier. For example, there are still many traditional noodles in Hong Kong where you can buy different noodles, and various traditional rice noodles, spaghetti, etc. are easily available. Some people can even buy Yi noodles, Japanese ramen, and even rice noodles.

As people become more and more health-conscious, there are more and more healthy choices. Moreover, the time to cook these noodles is almost the same as the time to cook instant noodles. By adding some natural seasonings such as salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, etc., you can already make very delicious noodles. There is really no need for MSG or artificial seasonings.

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