[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]Diseases caused by negative emotions are treated with acupoints and food therapy…

[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]Diseases caused by negative emotions are treated with acupoints and food therapy…

Text ◆ Su Ziqian (clinical oncology specialist/TCM physician)

(Hong Kong News) Western medicine separates the body and emotions into two parts, but in Chinese medicine, emotions and the body are almost integrated into one and are inseparable. The five internal organs among the five internal organs are dominated by different emotions. Excessive emotions, Chinese medicine believes, will cause diseases and affect the coordination of the internal organs.

Low blood pressure, insomnia, and heart palpitations

As Chinese medicine practitioner Su Ziqian has previously discussed, many emotional depressions can cause cancer in the long run according to Chinese medicine. But on the other hand, conversely, if the internal organs are strong, the body can indeed withstand more stress and negative emotions. If you are physically weak and have dysfunctional organs, your body will not be able to withstand a little bit of pressure. It can be said that when your body is weak, your ability to handle emotions will also be reduced. This aspect is a theory that Western medicine does not have.

Well, when a person suffers from various negative emotions or life pressure, many people know that it can cause liver qi stagnation, but in fact, when there are various unhappy things, the most affected one is the heart, and something unhappy will happen. Things or negative emotions will first consume your efforts.

A person with a strong heart can withstand various waves of life, but for some people, because they have little heart or have suffered from multiple shocks, a small amount of stress can cause insomnia or palpitations, restlessness, and panic.

But the body is rarely directly affected by emotions. The body has a meridian system, which includes meridians and collaterals. If life is affected by mild emotions, initially these bad emotions will only affect the meridians of the internal organs. The meridians are the few channels in the body. If emotions attack these small channels, it will first cause qi stagnation. That is, the circulation of Qi is not good.

If in this most superficial stage, emotions can be channeled or the body’s organs and qi and blood are strong, and the collaterals can drain away the qi stagnation caused by these bad emotions, then these negative emotions will not affect the body.

Press acupoints to clear the pericardial meridian

If negative emotions cannot be eliminated at the collateral stage, these qi stagnations will slowly accumulate in the “meridians”. Meridians are the main channels in the meridian system. When qi stagnation occurs in the 12 major meridians, it will cause obvious symptoms, corresponding to the positions corresponding to the 12 meridians.

This stage may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort or muscle aches and other symptoms. If during this stage of menstruation, the body’s Qi and blood cannot drain away the Qi stagnation caused by negative emotions, then the body’s internal organs will be affected.

It can be understood that the collaterals are the small roads in some roads, and the meridians are the main avenues and highways. If traffic accidents or various fallen trees occur on small roads, if they can be cleared in time, cars will not be backed up onto expressways and main roads. The ability to clear small roads is the body’s qi and blood. When traffic jams affect major roads, they will increase and become more difficult to deal with.

If the situation does not improve, all major transportation arteries will be blocked, the city will be paralyzed, and industrial and commercial activities will cease. This is the stage where emotions affect the internal organs.

Although the heart is the first point of stress, the heart is protected by the pericardium. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the pericardium is a source of evil for the heart. In fact, any pressure, unhappy events, or even some scary events will rarely cause blockage of the heart’s meridians at the beginning. Instead, the pericardial meridian is the first to be blocked.

Therefore, when we are exposed to negative emotions or are under great pressure, in order to prevent emotions from triggering the heart, we must first clear the pericardial meridian as soon as possible.

The simplest way to clear the pericardial meridian is to massage the Neiguan point near the wrist.

If the massage is done properly, you will feel a relaxing feeling in your stomach.

There will also be a feeling of slow and peaceful heartbeat.

This method can relieve the impact of some bad emotions on the body.

The second method is to soothe the liver. The meridians of the liver and the meridians of the pericardium also belong to the Jueyin meridians.

In fact, the two are interoperable. The liver meridian also communicates with the gallbladder meridian.

Therefore, one of the simple ways to soothe the liver and comb the pericardial meridian is to tap the gallbladder meridian.

Tapping on the gallbladder meridian mainly involves lightly tapping on the outside of the thigh. If you tap on both sides at the same time, you will feel gastrointestinal peristalsis and even farting, and the whole person will feel relaxed. In addition, you can also ask someone to help you scrape the pericardium meridian and gallbladder meridian to unblock the meridians. In addition, massage or cupping at the Jianjing point on the shoulder, where the gallbladder meridian is located, can also relieve qi stagnation.

Rose tea can soothe the liver

The above are some simple methods. In short, whenever you encounter bad emotions or stress, you can follow the above meridian regimen to help yourself. On the other hand, one way to improve a bad mood is to get enough sleep. Only with enough sleep can the body produce qi and blood, and only with the flow of qi and blood can the blocked meridians be relieved.

As for dietary therapy? Many people know that rose tea can soothe the liver, but as mentioned above, whenever you encounter something unhappy, you should focus on replenishing the yin blood of the heart. You can simply boil lily, jujube, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Adenophora japonicus to drink.

These simple medicinal materials can supplement the heart and blood, and strong heart and blood can withstand various negative emotions. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people with strong heart and blood will feel happy, and the so-called heart governs joy. Therefore, it is also very important to have a strong effort.

But of course, for patients who have developed emotional illness due to various reasons, many internal organs have become imbalanced, so massage and the above diet therapy alone cannot help.

Su Ziqian has written two articles in the past that describe the internal organs and various emotions in detail. Interested readers can refer to them again.

Outlook for 2024

As we enter the new year, let’s first look back at 2023.

2023 is definitely not a calm year. Finally, all kinds of storms have been safely passed.

The clinic just started last year, but in fact, we are making improvements along the way in all aspects. At least in terms of patient scheduling, it is now more convenient for patients. As for Facebook, last year there were many different types of articles, some long and some short. Coupled with the launch of the new IG, it was indeed welcomed by many people.

New drugs are emerging

In addition to Facebook and IG continuing to operate in 2024, YouTube, which has not been followed up for a long time, has also been reactivated, hoping to bring more pertinent, detailed, and in-depth medical knowledge to everyone.

On the other hand, in fact, at the end of 2023, there will be many drug breakthroughs in many tumor treatments. Especially for lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer, more and more new drugs have been launched. One type of drug that is gradually emerging is the ADC that has been introduced before. Looking forward to 2024, more large-scale research data will be published. I believe that in many aspects of cancer treatment, more breakthroughs will be made and one by one. Let me continue to introduce it to you.

In addition, in the first quarter of this year, a series of introductory articles will be launched to explain the health care methods of meridian. We often watch TV now, and almost 60% of the advertisements are selling health products.

Tapping on the meridians for health care

In fact, there are some simple health-preserving methods that can achieve good results by tapping the meridians and massaging acupoints yourself. If you like to keep in good health, you should pay close attention.

In addition, in 2024, there will be some new challenges at work, and I will share them with you again when I have the opportunity!

Once again, I wish you all “progress and good health in the New Year!” Thank you for your support along the way!

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