Pay attention to protecting your eyes when using electronic devices

Pay attention to protecting your eyes when using electronic devices

The use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers not only brings convenience to people, but also brings health threats. Especially the eyes are put to the test every day. How to protect your eyes?

Protecting eyesight, of course, comes first. To protect your eyes when using electronic devices, do the following:

Correct posture. The distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be more than 30 cm. The monitor should be lowered appropriately so that the eyes are looking straight or slightly downward at the display screen, that is, the gaze is 10-20 degrees downward. At this time, the eye muscles are in a relatively relaxed state.

Sufficient lighting. Both too strong and too weak light are not conducive to protecting eyesight. Long-term use of eyes under low illumination will cause irreversible degeneration of cone cells, resulting in decreased vision. If the lighting light is too strong, it will cause strong reflection, irritate the eyes, and cause discomfort. Our country has strict standards for light brightness in different indoor situations. The illumination for ordinary people when reading and writing should be greater than 300 lux (referring to the unit that reflects the intensity of light, that is, the luminous flux illuminated on a unit area).

Choose a large screen. Give priority to electronic devices with large screens. If you can use a computer, don’t use a mobile phone. If you can use a desktop computer or laptop, don’t use a tablet. The font should be appropriately large. If the font is too small, it will easily affect the eyes.

Pay attention to rest. Pay attention to eye hygiene and do eye exercises regularly. Consciously blink more often, blinking should be about 25 times per minute and no less than 15 times. Pay more attention to rest. You should rest for 5 minutes every hour you use your eyes. You can move your eyes or look far away.

Improve the working environment. The room should be regularly ventilated to keep the air fresh and increase air humidity.

For human health, a reasonable diet is very important, as is eye protection. A balanced intake of nutrients and proper supplementation of foods rich in vitamin A and B vitamins can help relieve visual fatigue. The best sources of vitamin A are animal livers, milk, eggs, carrots, green vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for the human body, but it cannot be excessively supplemented. The best sources of B vitamins are cereals, yeast, wheat germ and beans.

Insisting on outdoor activities also has a significant effect on improving vision. Be active in physical exercise and take your children for more outdoor activities. During outdoor activities, the eyes are always looking far away, and the ciliary muscles are relatively relaxed, which can eliminate visual fatigue. Outdoor activities for more than 2 hours a day are beneficial to relaxing the eyes and are the cheapest and most effective way to prevent myopia.

If eye discomfort occurs and the symptoms are severe, medical treatment should be used to relieve it.

——Correction of refractive errors. Eyestrain and accommodative fatigue are often caused by uncorrected refractive errors such as farsightedness and astigmatism. It is recommended to wear glasses suitable for computer operation distance according to age and adjustment status to relieve discomfort symptoms.

——Targeted functional training can be used to improve the adjustment and collection functions of the eyes, improve the coordinated movement ability of the eyes, and maintain the visual function of the eyes. For example, flip shots can be used for training in adjusting sensitivity.

——Effective hot compress can promote the secretion of lipids from the meibomian glands and relieve the symptoms of dry eyes and visual fatigue. It is recommended to use disposable hot compresses, which are clean and hygienic. The temperature should be controlled at about 42 degrees Celsius and the time should be controlled at 20 minutes.

——Adopt traditional medical treatment methods. Mixed TCM techniques such as traditional Chinese medicine ultrasonic atomization eye bath, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, acupoint massage, eye patches, acupuncture, scraping, and traditional Chinese medicine iontophoresis have good clinical therapeutic effects. (The author is Sun Weifeng, chief physician of Hebei Provincial Eye Hospital)

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